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New!! Directories.

Check our BuddyPress directories demos.

14 Profile Header Styles.

Check our variation of user profile header styles.

Big Brands' Reviews.

Youzify is The #1 Best-Selling BuddyPress Plugin on Envato Market

Youzify is a feature-rich plugin that showcase your unique brand experience and immerse your users in a dynamic community of loyal and engaged customers that propels your business forwards. Youzify transforms your website into a robust, effective and compelling social hotspot and unleashes the power of the crowd to increased sales and drive unprecedented ROI.

Youzify Means Business.

Why building community is critical to your business success?


Grow Organically, Boost Conversions

Leverage user-generated content to reach more people organically via search engines. The more time users spend on your site, the higher your search ranking.


Engage and Retain Customers

The key to success? Engaging your customers. Turn customers into advocates by making it easy for them to share knowledge, experiences and inspiration, and they will fast become a valuable network.


Build Trust and Loyalty

Investing in a community demonstrates to customers that you are dedicated to solving problems for them. People recognize that effort and reciprocate, creating a virtuous cycle that builds loyalty for every new community member.


Acquire New Customers

Make your business easier to find and instantly offer value to prospective customers by hosting conversations in your community. Add authentic, trusted content to every part of the customer journey.


Build Brand Authority

Establish your brand as a thought leader in your space by being a front-runner that congregates users. No one can deny the fact that communities are the key to brand loyalty, awareness and overall success.


Generate Customer Discovery

Learn more about your customers from the information they share on their profiles, their interests, their posts and comments. All of this will help you connect with potential customers, improve your business content, products and services, and stimulate sustainable growth.


Deliver Outstanding Customer Support

YEnable both a brand-to-user and peer-to-peer hub for your customers to share their expertise, learn, and get answers to their most pressing questions.


Unlock Customer Value

Uncover new product ideas from the customers who know and use you the most. Understand their needs, using feedback and insights to improve your products or services, while also driving traffic and conversions.


Make More Money

Show ads, get sponsors, accept donations, or charge a one-time or recurring subscription fee to view the forum, view specific categories, read discussions, or download files… With a thriving online community, there is endless potential for monetizing elements of your platform and seeing immediate returns.

Community Social Features.

We provide all the needed social features to keep your users engaged with your platform, and helps them feel connected into a wider community. This is crucial for growing an active community that you can leverage for social marketing, greater exposure and increased revenue.

Build buzzing community!

Social Wall

Lets you share posts, images, videos and more. This is great for building a buzzing community – and boosting organic exposure.

Keep them connected!

Friend Connections

The ability to send, accept, or remove friendships, makes for a connected community of users that keep coming back to your platform.

Build Deeper Communication!

Private Messages

Users can send and receive public or private messages, giving users the option to have a private discussion about a topic.

Create a sense of community!

User Groups

Create and manage public, private, and secret groups, and set admins and moderators. Create the sense of community and shared interest.

Know your audience!

Follows & Unfollow

Like Facebook and Twitter, users can choose to see the posts that interest them, and this gives you a valuable snapshot into what your users want.

Keep them engaged!

Notifications & Notices

Regular notifications of Comments, Likes, Group Invites, and more, help to build an active community and keep your users engaged with your platform.

Increase engagement!

Points & Badges

Youzify is compatible with the MyCred plugin to reward users with points and badges, which is a sure-fire way to keep them coming back for more.

Make it relevant!

Ratings & Reviews

Users love peer-to-peer feedback and reviews from real people, so this helps to keep your community active and relevant.

Keep them updated!

Site-wide Notices

You can send a site-wide notice to all your website users with a single click, making it easy to publish news, updates that everyone needs to see.

Promote or Announce something!

Sticky Posts

Admins can pin unlimited posts in the top of the global activity wall or groups, for maximum exposure and impact..

Easier Access!


Users can add hashtags to their posts, making activity posts organized and easy to find.

Build buzzing community!

Bookmark Posts

Users can save social wall posts to view them later, and control the privacy of their bookmarks.

Legitimize Your Community!

Site Directories

Youzify includes a Member directory, Groups directory and Activities directory, for searchable lists of what’s going on in your community.

brighten up your content!

Emoticons & Smileys

Youzify includes a wide selection of emoticons to brighten up wall posts, comments and messages, keeping your community active and fresh.

Know your customers!

Extended Profiles

Create an unlimited number of custom fields, make them optional or required, searchable, and control their visibility to other users.

Optimized Media System!

Media Uploader

For an online community hub that people love to use, the Media Uploader lets users upload images, videos, audio, and many different file types to put their content out there.

Likes Mean Social Proof!

Likes System

Users can Like and Unlike wall posts, and view a list of people who have also liked the post. This will gives you valuable tools for understanding what content your users want to see.

create discussions!

Comments & Replies

Nothing builds an online community like a comment thread! Users can comment on wall posts or reply to existing comments to share opinions and create discussions.

Spread the word!

Share Activities

Users can repost other users posts that they love, or find interesting to share it with their friends and followers. They can also bring back life to their old posts to get higher audience.

Easy user-to-user sharing!

Mention Friends

Use @mentions in posts, comments, group feeds and more, to invite friends into a discussion or highlight content that they might like to see, for a quick and greater exposure.

Let them express their feelings!

Mood & Activities

Users can add their mood (or activity) – to their own posts. They can also share what they are watching on TV, eating, drinking and more. Make them feel home on your community.

full control over privacy!

Posts Privacy

Users can determine the visibility of content they create. They can choose between public, friends, the community only, or only me.

Bring more attention!

Tag Friends

Users can tag their friends in their posts. People always check to see what they have been tagged in. Bringing more attention to the post.

Grab people's attention!

Live URL Preview

When users post a URL, a live preview will be displayed, helping to grab people's attention as they scroll and hook them into the shared content.

Build Social Trust!

Social Embeds

Users can share items from +35 social media platforms such as tweets or YouTube videos, Instagram posts with the community.

Re-Engage Your Members!

Live Notifications

Notify members in real-time when someone likes or comments on their post, accept their friendship, and more to keep them re-engaged on your website.

Allow rich discussions!


Users can add attachments of any type like images, videos, audios, files... to messages, activity comments and replies.

Increase Audience Retention!


Users can add GIFs as an activity post or use them in the comments. As visual information is more appealing, GIF's will keep your audience around longer.

Keep it safe!

Content Moderation

Youzify allow you to set community forbidden words that cannot be used on activity posts, comments, and replies to make your community safe.

Regular New Features!

More & More & More...

These are only a few community features of what Youzify offers. Hundreds of other powerful features are coming soon. Stay tuned!

+25 WordPress Widgets.
Unleash the power of your community and add rich-content widgets from any page you want.
Smart Author
Static Author
Post Author
Friend Suggestions
Group Suggestions
User Notification
Account Menu
Who's Online
Friends Widget
Site Members
Site Groups
Verified Users
Community Media
Hashtags Cloud
Hashtags List
Active Members
Sitewide Notices
Login Widget
Registration form
Lost Password form
Group Description
Group Moderators
Group Admins
Groups RSS
Activity RSS
User Balance

Unbeatable Profile Features.

As the leading plugin for user profiles, Youzify includes every feature and tool you might need to create user-friendly, fully functional profiles that work for your community and your business.

Profile Avatar & Cover

Allow users to upload and crop avatars and covers, with the option to set a default, so that your online community feels more vivid and personal.

14 Header Styles

Choose from 14 beautiful BuddyPress profile header styles, with various horizontal and vertical layouts, giving you the freedom to set your own tone for a unique community platform.

+22 Profile Widgets

The huge menu of profile widgets includes slideshow, portfolio, skills, quotes, and much, much more, giving users the ability to showcase all kinds of information and media on their personal page.

Verified Badges

Admins can specify verified accounts by assigning the recognizable badge, so they stand out in the members directory, groups and activity wall. This adds a sense of authenticity and legitimacy for users.

Unlimited Custom Tabs

With shortcodes or HTML codes, you can create unlimited profile custom tabs, and control the title, icon, order and visibility of these tabs, giving you complete freedom to choose how information is displayed and prioritized.

Unlimited Profile Structures

Edit the order and placement of widgets by switching them from overview to the profile sidebar, as well as the option to hide them without removing them completely, giving you the potential to add new widgets at a later date.

Public & Private Profiles

By default, BuddyPress profiles are public, but with Youzer you can allow users to have private profiles so only their friends can access their profile content, which is bound to encourage more signups and engagement.

Extremely Customizable

Set BuddyPress profile default tab, edit profile widgets structure, control profile widgets visibility, effects, styling, tabs order, and more, for ultimate customization and control.

Unlimited Ads Widgets

Use our ads builder to create unlimited BuddyPress ads widgets, with a wide variety of content types, including banners and AdSense code. This makes it easy and hassle-free to start monetizing your platform and leveraging your community for impressive returns.

404 Profile Page

Creative a BuddyPress 404 profile page that will show up if visitors access a non-existing profile, and you can customize it to suit your needs and branding.

Unlimited Custom Widgets

Create unlimited profile custom widgets by using shortcodes or custom HTML code, and control their visibility and position, for outstanding customization potential.

Unlimited Color Schemes

With 16 ready-to-use color schemes, and the option of custom colors, you can easily get your platform looking just right and reflecting your own branding.

+24 Profile Widgets.
Huge selection of profile widgets, giving users the ability to showcase info, skills, and media on their profile.
About Me
Blog Post
User Tags
Phone Number
+15 Profile Tabs.
Huge selection of profile widgets, giving users the ability to showcase info, skills, and media on their profile.
Blog Posts
Points History
Custom Tabs
+20 Activity Types.
Huge selection of post types for building a buzzing community – and boosting organic exposure.
New Blog Post
New Avatar
New Cover
New Member
Friendship Created
Group Created
Joined Group
New Product
New Purchase
New Forum Topic
New Forum

Comprehensive Membership System.

Easy, Advanced, Secure and Customizable Membership System to reflect your unique brand and your specific needs. Very easy to setup and you can disable it to use any another membership system from your choice with one click.

Easy Access

Accessing your website was never easier.

Social Login

Your users can login and register via Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram... for quick and easy access. This means greater organic growth and exposure.

Ajax Login

Users will be able to login smoothly with no screen refreshes or errors, for a positive and seamless UX that keeps them coming back for more.

Login PopUp

Users will be able to login from anypage on your website without need to go to login page each time. This will offer the user a better user experience.

Safe & Secure

Advanced security systems to protect your website.

Limit Login Attmepts

Increase your site security by limiting the number of login attempts possible for each IP. This is good news for you and your users and a bad one for bots.

Captcha System

Protect the registration form from bots with the advanced Google reCAPTCHA system, so you can be sure that your community is real, active and secure.

Reset Password

Users will be able to reset their account password easily and at any time, so you won’t lose them from the platform if they forget their details.

Highly Customizable

Wide range of form styles to select from.

Login Form

The front-end login page, widget and shortcode, gives you the ability to create 240+ different form styles to suit your branding and specific form requirements.

Registration Form

Allow users to register via the front-end of your website and add unlimited fields, for quick and easy signups that include all the data you want to gather.

Custom Styling

Change all forms headers and styles with a wide variety of customization options, so that your platform reflects your brand and has its own identity.

Enjoy Full Control

Looks and works the way you need it to.

Manage Signups

BuddyPress Signups Manager helps you to perform common tasks with pending signups, and more, so that you get legitimate users registered and using the platform as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Create and manage unlimited custom fields, with multiple types, and control their visibility, so that your platform looks and works the way you need it to.

Front-end Settings

Users can enjoy full control over their account, with no need to access the back-end. This gives them a hands-on and intuitive user experience, while keeping the back-end secure.


Make sure your website clients privacy is protected.

Information Privacy

Allow users to set a privacy level for each field type, giving them personal control over their information and posts and who can see them. Ex: Everyone, All Members, Only Me, My Friends.

Notification Emails

You can manage and customize all user notification emails from the back-end dashboard, making it easy to send out branded and tailored notifications as necessary.

Export Data

Now your website users will be able to upload all their profile information with just one click, making it super quick and easy for them to get started, and minimizing incomplete profiles.

More To Love

Wide variety of customization options.

Member Types

Create and manage unlimited member types easily. Assign fields based on member types, and create a separate directory tab for each type, this will help you collect different information based on the member type.

Hide Dahsboard & Toolbar

With one click you can hide the back-end dashboard and the WordPress top toolbar for logged-in users, for a clean, professional and user-friendly interface while keeping the back-end secure.

Custom Redirections

Set the destination pages for redirected logged-in users, admins, and even logged-out users, giving you even more control over how your users are navigated around your site, and the pages and content they see.

+06 Integrations.
Establish a seamless connection between your business and your online community.
Events Manager

Self-Hosted Communities
The Smart Choice

Facebook groups might seem like an obvious and hassle-free choice for hosting and growing your online community, but the bad news is that you ultimately have to hand over control. You can spend years building up a thriving community, investing in it and nurturing it, only to wake up one day and find that Facebook has removed your group with no warning or explanation, and you’re back to square one. Don’t take the risk! As a self-hosted plugin, Youzify gives you complete control and you can trust that all the energy and hard work you put into your community will pay off.

Advanced & Powerful BuddyPress Add-Ons.

Youzify has a range of extensions that allow you to extend the power of your community. You can purchase all of these extensions at a significant discount with our All-Access Pass or you can purchase extensions individually.

Gain access to all Youzify extensions with a single purchase and unleash the power of your community to make it more advanced, safe and profitable.
Revolutionize audience interaction and gain valuable insights into your website members preferences, desires, go-to brands and know more about them.
Add an extra layer of security to your website and protect your users. 2FA is the best protection against users using weak passwords and brute force attacks.
Let users know their recent profile visitors by time and which tabs were visited with detailed charts to watch their growth.
Users can assign activity images, audio, video, and files into albums or upload custom media. Also, they can contribute to other member's albums in groups.
Create advanced user-friendly posting forms to allow users to create and edit posts from the frontend without visiting the admin area.
Allow members or visitors to perform advanced searches on your website members with the ability to limit searches number or restrict forms by role.
Rest easy knowing your customers will always have reliable and fast delivery of the community media files, avatars, covers and save space on your server.
Save time and let your members deal with disputes by themselves by allowing them to block annoying users and decide who can interact with them.
Restrict BuddyPress community features and content for visitors, members, and by user role to control what your users get exclusive access to.
Meet the most complete BuddyPress Moderation solution with advanced features to take full control over your community and keep it safe.
Say good bye to the blank profiles, now you can force or encourage users to complete their profiles and apply restrictions on the incomplete profiles.
Allow members to edit activity posts, comments with real time modifications. Set editable activities by type & moderators & limit edition by user role.
Increase audience engagement by allowing users to express many more feelings quickly and easily on each wall post and improve your content.
Allow users and visitors to share activities, profiles and groups and allow your content to reach a wider audience and gain more exposure for your brand.
Reward Users with points for each wall post type and all the profile widgets fields, social networks and increase your website users engagement.
Member Types plugin is the best way to create and manage unlimited member types easily, and get a separate directory for each member type.
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