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Do you have community sites and are looking for free BuddyPress Plugins? You came in the right spot!

Free BuddyPress Plugins for Your Community

Community sites are a place for online communities to interact using the internet worldwide. Those who have common interests, hobbies, topics, or anything in common can make the interaction needed using the internet.

If you are the owner of those community sites, you need to look for BuddyPress Plugins to give the best experience for your community members.

Here are the top ten of the best BuddyPress Plugins you should know:

1. Youzify

Free BuddyPress Plugins

The first plugin you should choose is Youzify. There are so many reasons why you must choose Youzify. The first reason is that Youzify reaches the top number one plugins at the Envato Market.

This plugin can become your place to showcase your brand uniqueness. All of your users will have loyal and dynamic community sites. This kind of advantage is a must-have if you want to raise customer engagement that can propel your business on a giant leap.

Youzify can be customized freely with so many values you can get for FREE.

When you need to build compelling community sites and feel the power of the crowd, Youzify is a must-have.

2. BuddyPress Docs

The BuddyPress Docs plugins give your member a collaborative workspace. If you look into it, it has common features like dropbox, wiki, and also editing of documents.

Your member will have document access. The access can be shared between individual users and also groups. Members can have access to sort and filter the list of the document. Another feature is they can use autosave from these plugins.

BuddyPress Docs gives extra protection to avoid overwrites. BuddyPress Docs plugins use one editor system each time shared documents are used by members.

3. BuddyPress Edit Activity

BuddyPress Edit Activity is a plugin that has a role according to its name; Edit. So if you use these plugins, your members can edit their posts and also give replies.

They do this using the site front-end. For editing activity, you can set a time limit. By using this time limit, members will have a period for how long a post can remain editable.

By this feature, you can avoid over-editing of posts but still give the community members time to edit. After you activate it, all the post and replying activities will be editable.

4. Location Autocomplete for BuddyPress Plugins

Community members can come from all around the world. This is the true power of the internet. Every member who has a common interest can come together no matter where they live, or where they are located all around the globe.

By using this Location Autocomplete plugin, your community members can add addresses to their profiles. Their address will have good accuracy. This accuracy comes from a great feature of the plugin.

Location Autocomplete for BuddyPress plugin is using Google Places API to validate the address which members input into the fields given.

5. Verified Member for BuddyPress Plugins

The other BuddyPress Plugins you can choose is Verified Member for BuddyPress Plugins. What makes these plugins unique? Some features on it can be useful for your community.

If you use the Verified Member for BuddyPress you can verify all of your BuddyPress community members right at the profile editing screen. Not only that, all of the verified members will have more advantages.

6. BuddyPress Group Email Subscription Plugins

This plugin can give you the authority to give notification to your community members. The notification can include anything you want to share.

Some to mention is the newest or latest activities of the group, or you can notify about the latest post at the forum using email notification.

The plugins also give you five levels of subscription. From no email at all, weekly, daily, new topics, and of course all email. All members can choose or update their level of subscription as they wish.

7. Block, Suspend, Report for BuddyPress Plugins

If you want to give another safety measure for your member, you can use Block, Suspend, Report for BuddyPress Plugins. By using the plugins, your member can make some actions against another member, such as blocking them.

It also gives access to the administrator to make suspensions to any members by clicking the “Suspend” action button. The members can also make a report or flag for any unacceptable, abusive, or inappropriate behavior.

8. BP Profile Search

Your community members can use the BP Profile Search to search for any members based on the member profile. You only need to make and set a search form. After that, you can place the form in any widget or member’s directory area in the sidebar.

Members can make similar searches using the form. They can use it to search for any people that they include in their friend list.

BP Profile Search can be set for showing only the exact results of searching or you can choose to show similar search results if any.

9. BP Group Documents Plugins

Your BuddyPress group members can make an upload for any kind of documents by using BP Group Documents. Those uploaded content can be deleted or edited by the admin or by the members of the group.

The plugins also give you access to ask for authentication from group members before they can download any files.

This plugin is the one you should consider if you are making user-generated content that can be archivable.

10. BuddyDrive

This plugin gives access for the members to upload and also share files they have. Not only that, but BuddyDrive also gives access to shared folders. So if your members need to share a lot of files, they just need to compile it in one folder and share it with another member.

You also can have a choice whether or not you want to restrict the capability of the upload for a certain user only. You also can decide how much maximum space for each member is available.

You can also choose how much is the maximum size when using the upload feature. Members will have their own members page which they can edit, delete or upload files and folders.


That’s TOP TEN Best Free BuddyPress Plugins you should know. So, which plugins are you going to choose?

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