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Online Community Platform

There is a place that great for having communication, collaboration, and interaction, namely an online community platform. This place is very beneficial for every website owner in various ways, especially in terms of digital marketing nowadays.

It serves as a source of inspiration and innovation which encourages you to gain more ideas to solve any future challenges. The new idea that you offered and the facility that you provided will make your community feels more engaged to whatever you give next.

But, why build an online community is crucial? Here are the reasons.

1. Generate More Traffic

Online Community Platform

Along with Google algorithm update, how the search engine behaves is a bit different. It brought favor to the community website due to some factors, yet influenced the SEO ranking. So, what does it mean?

Simply, the interaction that happened between a member of the community will boost the SEO and increase the traffic at next. Every interaction will be considered as content changes including page tagging, placement, new URL, additional keyword, etc.

In other words, you will get a constant flow of authentic, relevant, fresh, and free content generated by the community. This usually happens when a member throws a question and gets many answers from other members.

For instance, just with a single activity, you will get repeated traffic, several comments, bounce rate, dwell time, and social share which leads to more traffics. Using this trick, you don’t need to spend another few bucks on any marketing program like paid search.

2. Direct Income Stream

All that you have done is lead to a single conclusion: earning an income. No matter what kind of method you want to use, you always have a big chance to get a direct income from a community website. The way how to do it is perhaps different from one site to another site.

The content restriction could be a popular way to earn money from the member of the community among others. Especially for a WordPress-based website, there are a lot of plugins that will ease you to build an online community platform just by a simple click, Youzify for example.

While Facebook groups offer an obvious way and hassle-free method for building your online community, the main drawdown is that you won’t have full control over it. You can spend years for building and growing it only to find that Facebook has terminated your group without any notice. Don’t take a risk and waste your time!

Online Community Platform

A WordPress site combined with Youzify is all you need to build a self-hosted community website so your hard work will pay off. Other benefits you may get from Youzify include:

  • Best value for money (fully featured and free lifetime update)
  • Responsive design and high-quality code
  • Extremely customizable
  • Powerful admin panel (9 themes and over 700 options)
  • Advanced security system (social login, captcha code, password reset, login attempt, high privacy, etc)
  • Unlimited feature (color scheme, custom profile widget, tab and link, role member structure, ads on profile, social icon, custom field, registration page, etc)
  • Integration (BBpress, MailChimp, WooCommerce, Mailster, MyCRED, etc)
  • Dedicated support from a trusted elite editor
  • Thousands and more of happy users

3. Understanding The Market

Having an online community platform will force you to stay updated about what’s happening today. It can be said that they help you to understand what’s going on today in a way that you never know before. From the day-to-day interaction between the member, you may find a solution for your recent problem and solicit ideas for the future.

For instance, many organizations now have involved their community to give some input about what to do next through feedback or questioner. This could be the best way to listen directly to what the community thinks about the service including their experience, idea, or any problem that they might face.

Even you can encourage the member to contribute some ideas then provides a chance for other members to vote, or you can ask for refining the current idea. From here, you can finally have a complete idea for the future roadmap.

This could be a win-win solution, both for the website owner and the community. It’s not only brought a new and creative way to grow a community website but also given an impression that the organization listens to their ideas and advice.

4. Facilitate The Member to Help Each Other

The best part about having a community website is that you can see unlimited creative energy and unique behavior from the community when asking and answering any questions from each other. Maybe you are the smartest since you can build a community website, but sometimes your community can do more.

Image by IOM Turkey

Providing a place to interact and share ideas has a positive effect on everyone who is connected to the community. They will engage and learn from each other. Let’s be honest. The first type you write on the Google search engine must be a problem. The same goes for the community website.

SERP will show a community website, especially for their conversation. The reason is that Google optimizes the search result based on activity, engagement, returning visitors, and social sharing.

Visitor tends to love a solution that is available for 24 hours and can be easily found. They don’t want to wait for the call center to open, which, unfortunately, they can’t solve your problem at all. Here, a community website provides a place to help each other.

Final Words About The Online Community Platform

Besides those benefits, an online community platform can build a strong brand through a personal relationship with every member. All leads to innovative content, reducing operational costs, getting more traffic, attracting more sales, increasing brand awareness, and driving conversion.

The key is to utilize the best tool for every task. In the case of community, Youzify is specialized in building an online community platform without worry. Various tools and features are available for free, and its ability to integrate with other plugins will beneficial for every website owner.

This plugin will help you to build a fully-customized community website without losing control. With a clear goal, the community could be the most powerful marketing channel you own.