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WordPress Free Community Plugin

A community website could be the most efficient platform to assist your business in today’s competitive world. To get the best community website, you need help from a WordPres free community plugin. It doesn’t have to be a paid version, even you can get the same quality in terms of functions and features from the free one.

Your website may run well at the moment, but it can’t last long even for a few months. By that, adding community functionality into your WordPress blog will be an outstanding strategy to keep your community remains solid, while your website more than survive.

You should use the free version to get a start, instead of the paid version. And these lists will guide you to what’s the best free community plugin to take.

1. Youzify

WordPress Free Community Plugin

Main features:

  • Create member role and type
  • Customize member
  • Comment and like
  • Easy to integrate
  • Restrict post
  • Live notification
  • Gamification mode
  • Private messaging
  • Custom field
  • Friend request
  • User activity stream

Previously known as Youzer, Youzify is among the best WordPress free community plugin for a community. It comes with many features and functions that will ease you in managing your member. The versatility of this plugin gives you flexibility in any task.

For instance, you can integrate Youzify with another plugin like BuddyPress and more. The result could be impressive for your website. It will turn your site more social and user-friendly.
Youzify allows you to build a community website conveniently, yet efficiently. All the necessary tools and features are offered for free so you can have a robust community website once for all. It has a drag and drop builder to ease you when configuring a community structure.

Add more with a super convenient user interface, all of this gives you a confident feeling when introducing your social site. Your member will enjoy the social wall, dedicated frontend posts, private profiles, and interaction that you provide from Youzify.

2. User Pro

Main features:

  • Seamless integration
  • Responsive design and layout
  • User activity report
  • Live notification
  • User invitation
  • Custom user role
  • Auto redirect
  • Advertisement and marketing tool
  • Translation ready

You will get the most social website with this top community plugin, and it’s a guarantee. User Pro comes with a content restriction as to the main feature, but your member can take more advantage of it.
It has everything that social media owned, name it to follow/unfollow options, photo uploads, user badges, front-end user profiles, comments, likes, one-click signup, and more. For the web owner, User Pro offers a wide range of email marketing, payment methods, social wall, and various configurations.

Even this plugin is more slightly modern look compared to others. The compatibility makes this plugin a great option for building a social web since you get all the tools for free. The customization option gives you more versatility in configuring the best of everything.

Best of all, User Pro is already packed with a translation tool containing 12 languages. In simple words, this is an all-in-one plugin to create the most proper social site on WordPress.

3. WP Foro

Main features:

  • Responsive layout and style
  • Member rating
  • Social sharing
  • Badges
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Topic tag

This WordPress free community plugin provides everything you need to create the most modern look of a social web. In fact, WP Foro is a massive solution if you want to run a professional social site with a certain parameter.

Besides offering the essential tool for managing a community, WP Foro offers more features and is easy to integrate with a different WordPress plugin. The drag and drop builder allows you to setup the website just exactly like what you really want.

WP Foro is considered as an advanced community plugin, yet beginners can take advantage without a hassle. It has been optimized for mobile-friendly during the last update, so it’s better to try if you want to focus on a mobile user.

4. ProfileGrid

Main features:

  • Content restriction
  • Custom group access
  • Public list
  • Member role
  • Custom registration page

It’s a great free community plugin that will help you to build an extraordinary social site through a highly customized frontend user profile. ProfileGrid works best for managing your website member, content restriction, and other tools to help you earn money from your website.

By using ProfileGrid, you can provide the most basic tool from any social media such as personal message, friend system, live feed, real-time notification, even you can allow the users to create their own blog, instead of a profile page.

ProfileGrid is a specialized plugin for managing a community. For instance, you can create a couple of groups with the different registration systems, privacy levels, member limits, manual approval, and so on. It can be said that if you want to build a social web where the members are free to express their thought, this plugin could be the best option for you.

5. WP Symposium Pro

Main features:

  • Various style templates
  • Impressive gallery, photo, and event
  • Mobile access
  • Shared status
  • Live chat window
  • Private messaging
  • Web forum
  • Friend system
  • Amazing avatar
  • Wall post activity

Some even said that WP Symposium Pro is considered as the best replacement for BuddyPress in terms of social features offered. Perhaps the most notable advantage of this plugin is about its versatility, you can integrate it with other WordPress plugins.

WP Symposium Pro is undoubtedly customizable, compatible, and perfect for multilingual social sites. Due to its frequent security update, this plugin is preferable for any type of social website that focus on privacy.

Start Building Your Social Site with WordPress Free Community Plugin

At the bottom of all, WordPress community plugins would be the best assistant to build a social web and to engage the member in the long run. In the near future, you can earn more revenue from it.

Every plugin offers a distinguished feature and tool, so the best step to take is by finding the well-balanced community plugin for your need. Among the others, Youzify is extremely well-balanced and is undoubtedly powerful for every task in managing your content and your member.

It has all the criteria you need such as compatibility, versatility, flexibility, light-fast, and more. The only thing you have to do is by trying it, and you will shock to find out why this free plugin is more powerful than others.