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Registration and Profile Plugins

Business owners may need to register users for an upcoming conference or seminar. Or schools must register students online. Maybe you want to build a huge community and need to have all members fully register their profiles. For whatever reason, it’s a good practice to use one of these WordPress User Registration and Profile plugins.

WordPress User Registration Plugin and Profile plugins give you a great way to create stunning registration pages for website visitors to register and create their profiles. Additionally, you can assign custom user roles to registered users. This allows you to get some basic information about our customers.

The data collected through the registry is stored in the user menu of the WordPress dashboard.

The ideal approach every business follows is to gather all the necessary information. For example, name, email, gender, and date of birth. Providing this information allows any visitor to register on the site.

So, without further ado, let’s move on to our list of the best user registration and profile plugins.

1. Youzify

WordPress Forum Plugin

Are you looking for the best user profiles with the power to build a jaw-droppingly good community? Youzify is the answer you are looking for!

With Social Login, Front-end Account Settings, Admin Panel, and remarkable Responsive Design completed with Unlimited Customizable Features, it will be your best online partner.

Youzify developers bring you a new era of front-end user profiles management. It gives you hundreds of options at your disposal so you can find the exact design that suits your personality right down to the last detail.

Important Features:

Youzify is the number 1 community plugin in the Envato Market that has all you need to register all user members and profiles. Not only that, there are amazing features inside:

  • Membership: Social login/registration, unlimited registration fields, privacy policy, captcha. You can also limit the system from which login attempts are made. Login with ajax, login form popup and user dashboard and toolbar
  • Social Features: Friend requests, social media walls, messaging, notifications. Completed with the flexibility to mention, notices, badges, and pick an emoticon
  • Profile Features: 14 header styles, 16 color schemes, 20 profile widgets, 404 profile pages, unlimited custom tabs
  • Another Exciting feature: More than 700+ options for admin panels, 16 widgets, fully responsive design, and more.

2. User Registration

Registration and Profile Plugins

Just like its name, User Registration is a plugin to deliver a simple yet effective registration module on the front-end.

It is one of the best free WordPress user registration and profile plugins. With it, you can create impressive registration forms in no time.

Additionally, the plugin comes with a clean and user-friendly user interface (UI). So even novice users can set up and create feature-rich custom registration forms. Also, it provides shortcodes that you can use anywhere in your posts and pages.

The drag-and-drop builder improves your design process and eliminates complex coding.

Important Features:

  • An unlimited number of registration forms, even in the free version.
  • Email notifications are sent to both users and administrators
  • Download user data via simple CSV export
  • Build a WooCommerce signup form
  • Google verification code support (reCAPTCHA)
  • Export form data to CSV file
  • Prevent core login

3. Ultimate Member

Registration and Profile Plugins

Ultimate Member Plugin delivers you an effective solution to manage user profiles. The plugin has a simple yet powerful user dashboard.

Furthermore, it provides advanced features and functions in a user-friendly manner.

Customizing form fields is essential to making your registration look stunning. The drag-and-drop builder will definitely improve the user experience at design time.

The core plugin is free and includes some great tools for user account pages, form conditional logic, and member directories.

Ultimate Members are an easy-to-use WordPress User Registration and Profile Plugin, even for beginners. Small businesses will be exaggerated by this plugin. They can have a chance to upgrade the package if they need to.

Important Features:

  • Conditional logic for form fields
  • SEO optimization plugin
  • Available import and export options
  • custom user roles
  • Appearance menu in advanced color and theme options

4. Profile Builder

Registration and Profile Plugins

Another delightful WordPress User Registration and User Profile plugin is Profile Builder. The plugin will enable you to include a front-end registration menu inside your sites with easy-to-use widgets.

Profile Builder Login Widget is available for you to add shortcodes inside the widget areas. With it, you can feel safe with the password recovery front-end features, email confirmation, and more.

Some other exciting elements are the content restriction option and ReCaptcha. Neither of which require users to pay.

Important Features:

  • Admin bar settings – select user roles to display the admin bar from the front end
  • Edit and manage standard and additional fields
  • Bundle free and premium plugins
  • Highly customizable user login widget
  • Choose to log in with just username, email, or both
  • WooCommerce Sync
  • Premium version integrates with bbPress and BuddyPress
  • Integrate with MailChimp and MailPoet to improve email marketing

5. UsersWP

Registration and Profile Plugins

UsersWP plugins present you with a great tool to create a user profile, log in, and a beautiful registration form. With it, you can generate multiple login forms inside the same site. This is one of the most lightweight plugins to give an exciting experience for users.

For example, the drag-and-drop profile builder works well with various shortcodes for tasks like editing profiles and registering users.

Include basic profile elements such as an avatar, cover photo, and an optional tabbed menu. So once you add the menu, user posts and comments will appear. The regular download is free, and you get two free plugins: a social login plugin and one for reCAPTCHA.

Important Features:

  • Automatic shortcodes implementation
  • User posts and comments
  • Avatar, cover images, and menus
  • More than 15 add-ons are available to activate some powerful features. For instance, MailChimp, followers counting system, and profile progress indicator.
  • Simple interface for anyone to use. It is a simple drag and drops editor to create sparkling registration forms combined with shortcodes that are easy to understand.

Wrap Up About WordPress Registration and Profile Plugins

One of the most crucial things to do if you want to build a membership or community site is to provide WordPress User Registration and Profile plugins. Such plugins also allow you to accept payments, analyze form submissions, assign user roles, send email notifications, block spam, etc.

Which one will you pick?

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