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Increasse WordPress Site Traffic

While SEO offers many benefits for your website, sometimes it doesn’t enough to attract more visitors or even engage them. At this time, some free tools will help you more to achieve the best result as a website owner through the organic way.

Organic traffic means visitors willing to spend their time on your site to consume your content and take advantage of the offer you made on it. It can be said, at the basic, you must gain your visitor at first step before offering different things to them.

Luckily, there are plenty of strategies to increase WordPress site traffic. The bottom line is that you should test them even one by one to find the right one according to your blogging style.

1. Create Your Community Platform

Every popular website, they have their community platform. So, the basic step to increase your traffic is by creating a community in case you don’t have one. Once you complete it, then you have to manage it.

It’s not that difficult to build your community today, especially if your website is a WordPress-based platform. With various plugins that are available for free today. The only task is to find the suitable one according to your website preference. This kind of tool will help you to build the strong community you desired.

For instance, a combination of BuddyPress and Youzify will give various advantages in building and managing your community. It contains many features and functions that you need.

Increase WordPress Site Traffic
Like Facebook, your community members can post on the Wall and other members can make interactions on it

The basic idea of community is communication as well as interaction, and both plugins will allow you to do so. As for community members, they can interact with each other which later can increase WordPress site traffic since the user is very active.

Also with both plugins, you can create your social website as easily as possible. Either BuddyPress or Youzify, are known for their capability to handle a large community with a simple arrangement. You can encourage every member to discuss a matter of subject or ask a certain question to generate a massive response.

In other words, the more you engage with the community, the more you get traffic increases. Replying to comments, starting a conversation, and offering long-lasting content, all you can do by using a combination of BuddyPress and Youzify.

2. Strengthen Your Social Media

This is the social media age and you cannot deny it. Even more, social media is considered the most efficient tool for digital marketing. It’s an effective tool for attracting visitors and engaging them.

For instance, you can reply to everyone who looking for answers through your link by giving a snippet view to encourage them for clicking it. Then, you can tag an influencer or expert who has the same interest. Simply, you can upload a new picture along with a caption related to the content.

The key is that any social media are a great place to get in touch with your audience. Just remember to use a relevant hashtag on every post to get easy to find.

3. Make a Killer Headline

You have to know that 8 out of 10 website visitors is open the web page because of the headline. What you can understand about this stat is that only 20% of visitors need your content from the beginning. So, it’s easy to say, having a great headline is the only way to conquer the stat.

Apply a killer headline in every content you craft, including your social media, email, and other platforms. Despite the medium you are using to promote your content, a killer headline will grab much attention and make your visitor always wonder what’s next.

You can start by performing keyword research then matching it with today’s trend. This is a common recipe that many websites applied today.

4. Encourage a Guest Contribution

What you don’t realize yet, many websites are open to a guest contribution nowadays compared to before. It’s very understandable since the web competitions are highly increasing here and there.

The ultimate benefit from a guest contribution is driving more visitors, building the website credibility, and increasing brand awareness. You can take an example of a certain website that has a specific target audience, they must have a strong readership there.

While having a guest contribution from another blogger is acceptable, the impact will be massive if you can invite an influencer or industry leader. It’s not only increasing the traffic but the web credibility as well.

In the first step, try to find some volunteer contributors from different backgrounds as much as possible by asking them through email. Once your website got a name, they want to come willingly.

5. Send Email Newsletter

Experts even stated that an email newsletter could be the best tool to increase website traffic. It’s easy to understand since email subscribers are a visitor who has a high interest in what want you to share.

Email newsletter tells more personal about your offer and mostly provides positive feedback because the subscriber is already engaged with your brand. With the right technique, email marketing can be the top tool to keep your subscriber remains loyal.

Just remember that your email must have a clear message and should be a mini version of your content. The promotional message must be included, but never use as a focus. Your subscriber will see your email either as valuable content or promotional content, which is mostly ended as spam.

Back to Basic Regarding Increase WordPress Site Traffic

By taking those steps, you can expect to see your traffic rise like never before. Just put it in your mind, while these strategies are proven to work in attracting visitors and gaining more traffic, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes you need more patience to see the result.

Again, a community is built based on two ideas: communication and interaction. Communication is a human basic need while interaction makes a community becomes a solid one. So, having a tool that provides both functions are inevitable.

As mentioned before, a combination of BuddyPress and Youzify will provide you the best result in handling the community, as well as their member, in terms of communication and interaction.

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