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Are you a musician or a movie star? A well-known celebrity chef, famous fitness trainer, or health expert? An amazing influencer who has countless followers or fans? If you do, create a loyal fanbase website for your beloved fans now!

To become famous and known to an enormous number of fans who admire you is one thing. To keep them staying with you is another thing. You need to maintain, engage and grow your fan base.

Your fans are the most valuable assets you will ever own. This is one thing you must recognize and take care of appropriately. So the question is; how to build a loyal fan base?

1. Create a Loyal Fanbase by Building a Community Website

One of the guaranteed ways to keep your loyal fanbase is by creating a community-building website. It gives you an anchor. A place to bring your followers after a specific event.

A place your fans can meet. A platform to show your creativity. Plus, you’ll get undisturbed attention and interaction. You will get plenty of attention compared to social media. This is your room to grow. Not only for yourself but also for your fans.

While there are some costs associated when you engage in a community-building site, this will help build an audience. An audience who are loyal, happy, and sincere to you.

You can create your loyal fanbase by building a community website. No need for coding or programming expertise. There are also plenty of services out there you can check to make your online presence.

Of course, your first choice of plugins to create a community website should be Youzify. You can make an amazing community platform for your fans to share, communicate, and provide the latest news from you.

Loyal Fanbase

Check these tips when you start to build a community website:

  • Create a visually appealing and beautiful landing page that you want all your followers to be able to visit when they visit your website.
  • Take advantage of videos and photos of all the awesome things you do.
  • Blog posts about the latest news and exciting events.
  • Includes a large sign-up button to sign up for your listing.
  • Creates an online store for you to sell your work.

Community sites are a great place to keep up with your loyal fanbase. They will feel attached to you. So you can throw your worries to be intimidated by the initial cost required to develop a website. It’s all worth it.

2. Throw an Event

You will get a loyal fanbase if they feel entertained and involved. To keep them feeling that way you can throw an event. An entertaining event can engage your fans to give a genuine contribution.

Loyal Fanbase

There are some alternatives of events you can organize:

  • Competitions will make your fans engage. Such as singing competitions, poem reading, writing a short story, the most ticket buyers, and so on.
  • Make a Meet & Greet Event. Tell your fans that they can get a chance to win a free ticket, free books, or any extra miles you offer at the meet & greet.
  • You can do giveaway events online or offline. Explain the terms and conditions to win the giveaways. Giveaways are one of the fastest ways to get traffic.
  • Special Tours. Special tours on your cribs, or taking a club of a loyal fanbase to your backstage preparation is one of a kind treatment. This way, your loyal fanbase can keep growing. We discuss this topic more deeply in the next sub-section of this article.

3. Give Them Exclusivity

We all love treated as exclusive people. Everybody loves exclusivity. One way to give your loyal fanbase an unforgettable experience is by giving them backstage access. For instance, you held an event where the winner had special access to get to the behind-the-scene.

There’s a lot of mystery going on behind every event and show. Let them know what is going on behind the scenes. To get in touch with the working place you got will make them feel exclusive.

Another way to give exclusivity is a personal touch. For instance, you record a video or do video calls with your loyal fans. You can do this using the community website you have been built in the first place.

4. Craft High-Quality Content

Once you have community sites, the next step is engaging content. Start with making high-quality videos or photos. Remember that “content is king.”

If you create videos, you can upload them on different platforms. For instance, you can embed your YouTube videos inside your community sites. Or maybe you prefer to make more audio format? Then you can create a podcast channel. Where your loyal fanbase can listen to on the streaming platform and your website.

content concept

No matter what format you want to use, your fans will keep coming as long as you create high-quality content. Invest time and money into photoshoots or even simple videos. Keep a backlog of ready-to-publish content so you never run out of content to publis

5. A Collaboration

Now is the time for collaboration rather than competition. With collaborating, you can expand your images and cross-promote with your collaboration partner’s fans. Doing collab is one of the remarkable ways to attract new fans.

Collaboration can use more than one form. From featuring them in your music album, making video reviews, joining together on a podcast, or any collaboration you like. Eventually, it will bring equal benefits to grow your audience.

By making a collaboration, your fans and your collaboration partner’s fans can interact with each other. This way you can expand your loyal fan base without taking too much time.


Don’t forget to announce the schedule on your community website before the collaboration day. It will boost the effect of excitement for your fans.


The most crucial works you need to do to have a loyal fan base build your online presence. That’s why you must create your own Social Platform.

By creating such a platform, you will have 100% control over your members, activities with maximum data safety.

Now is the right time to create a community-building website. A community site is an effective alternative to using mainstream social media accounts.

Because you are the one who is taking control. Make direct contact with your fans. It will make them feel genuine interactions with you through all of the content on your website.

What about you? Ready to aggrandize your loyal fanbase?