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Online Community

Nowadays, almost 90% of people who reach adulthood use social media to share or search for health information. Knowing this, you can have a clear insight that it is crucial to building an online community for medical and healthcare.

Especially when a pandemic hits. Almost all people in the world crave any updates about healthcare and disease. As you might have already known, a lot of biases or hoaxes about medical services, drugs, and such.

Sometimes people get lost in the middle of information. To prevent something like this from ever happening again, we need to build a reliable online community for medical and healthcare.

If this kind of online community exists, all members up to the administrators can filter any information. So everyone can have trusted updates about healthcare.

Here are some benefits you can get:

1. Spread the Awareness Through Online Community

Online community for medical and healthcare is one means to transfer insight, information, and knowledge about health issues. One of the most known examples is social media.

Social media channels and other online resources can raise public awareness of emerging, new and annual health issues.

Healthcare systems need credible information on vaccines, flu viruses, treatments, ebola, Covid-19, and more.

Spreading awareness is sometimes as easy as reminding all the community members about daily health practices.

However – when things are changing rapidly – online communities are an amazing way to ensure the public is kept informed. So they can catch all of the latest issues, advice, and policies. One way to spread the word is to share it directly in your post or send a message to all members.

Another good way is to cite reliable sources for the latest information. This could mean directing them to your website or public health social account.

Raising awareness of credible sources can allow your followers to contradict unrelated healthcare pieces of information.

2. Easier to Manage Communication

When things get rough and overwhelming, you need to manage the communication flow. If the communication channel goes smoothly, the chances of misinformation can be prevented.

In times of crisis, the communication flows of health information can be a challenge.

Online medical and wellness communities offer creative ways to answer frequently asked questions. For example, the Indian government developed the Facebook Messenger chatbot. It answers questions, directs citizens to the right resources, and combats misinformation.

3. Online Community for Medical and Healthcare Can Push Citizen Engagement

Amid a pandemic, people have a high awareness of all the symptoms. But if it is considered a sensitive disease, it can be challenging. How to make people more engaged about these sensitive issues?

There is an example by the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA). ASHA wants to engage people between 15 and 24 ages to examine their sexually transmitted diseases. This is because only 12% of them do so.

ASHA makes great moves through social media marketing campaigns. The main component is social video. In it, comedian Whitney Cummings talks about sexual health with college students.

The video was viewed more than 3.6 million times in 10 weeks. But what is more crucial is many visitors were directed to the clinic. This shows that the audience intends to take real action.

4. Monitoring Public Health via Online Community for Healthcare

People post everything online, including their health. Hashtags such as #flu can show when and where new diseases emerging. Public health organizations can even feel the severity of symptoms by monitoring how the online community members spread the information between them.

One great example comes from Boston Children’s Hospital. Where they launch HealthMap. An app that is designed to monitor public health risks. This can be done by using data points using crowdsourcing.

You can also build an online community that has similar functions. For instance, you are a health practitioner. You can manage all your patients on a website or forum. After that, you can talk to them regularly or provide a channel to report their health conditions.

5. Build a Support System

Nearly 40% of young adults (ages 14-22) use online tools to connect with others facing similar health challenges.

This connection can have real benefits for patients. For instance, Facebook Groups. The Epilepsy Center at Mount Sinai Hospital has created a private Facebook group for patients and caregivers with invitation-only access. Two doctors co-led by the center participated in the group discussion as moderators.

Social group interactions can also include patient support and education. That is why you need to build an engaging online community for medical and healthcare since it has great benefits for everyone.

6. Exchange Valuable and Reliable Content

One of the most beneficial functions inside an online community is to exchange valuable content. By doing this, all members can get credible healthcare information.

For instance, Mayo Clinic videos contain informative and engaging videos. It haves more than 10,000 views. Even the trivial thing about how to wash hands has reached 60,000 views!

You can put your effort and creativity into making engaging healthcare videos. Keep in mind that your content is fun, entertaining, and informative.

Another example is Dr. Zubin Damania who produces entertaining videos that oppose hoax health claims. By making this content, he already has 1.6 million Facebook followers.

Online Community


So there you go, it is crucial to building a remarkable online community for medical and healthcare. To keep spreading all the reliable information, you will need something that can boost your online community.

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