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WordPress Community Theme

When you want to build an engaging community, you need to also build it online. But there are a lot of factors involved to do so. That is why you need remarkable WordPress community themes.

One of the advantages of installing a great theme is your website can have a stylish design with many useful features.

Many of these WordPress community themes are highly customizable, making it easy to customize the look of your website.

Depending on the themes you choose, you can also access advanced drag-and-drop page builder plugins to further customize your website.

Keep reading and scrolling to find which WordPress community themes are best for you!

1. Socialize

WordPress Community Themes

Socialize is the theme you need for a mesmerizing element to build a vibrant community online.

Its design is simple yet charming. Socialize also has rich and practical features.

Your community website will experience many benefits such as profiles for all members, activity streams, private massaging, and many more.

Socialize also gives you Ajax filtering to make your page transition go smoothly. And last but not least, users can also filter posts by title, views, date range, comments, date, and categories.

2. Woffice

Do you have a local, school, college, or business community? Or are you involved in a mission to build a great environment where people can share ideas, interests to work together?

Woffice might be the answer. It is a fully-functional theme, yet simple and easy to adapt with web apps.

Unlike other WordPress products, Woffice takes security very seriously.

Access to each page is controlled, with multiple privacy options and custom roles. Woffice is also able to accommodate your international audience. This happens since you can translate it quickly. International community websites are not just a dream anymore!

3. Olympus


WordPress Community Themes

Olympus can help you build social networking websites. With an astonishing number of features and prepackaged content, Olympus aims to give you everything you need. All capable to launch an engaging online community hub.

Here you can customize the look and feel of your website using the WPBakery Page Builder tool.

You can control colors, fonts, and layout properties from an easily accessible admin panel. In addition to integrating with BuddyPress, Olympus is also bundled with Youzify. So it will extend the community functionality on your website.

It also includes the capability to build a forum inside the community. So everyone can interact, socialize, or simply talk with others just like in a social media forum! Isn’t that great!

4. Aardvark

WordPress Community Themes

For those planning to build an online community, Aardvark could be the best choice. Whether a membership site, social network, e-learning platform or any other type of project.

The Aardvark theme is also designed to work closely with paid membership pro plugins. You can create multiple membership tiers, including free and paid plans, receive recurring payments, and easily control what content your members have access to.

This is a great way to generate income!

The baseline is that Aardvark is a highly flexible theme that allows you to interact with your community in many different ways.

5. Lynk

Lynk is a great WordPress community theme for creating social networking and community sites. It has a very unique look that will appeal to anyone who visits your website.

It also builds excellent social networking sites. Whether you want to build a niche or general community, Lynk lets you do it like a pro.

This theme is full of interesting features. You get a set of pre-built content that you can use to create any kind of online community website.

With Lynk, you can create an interactive directory that allows your viewers to log in to your website.

Your customers can also add their own content to your website. This theme is compatible with all current WordPress versions.

This is the one-click installer to enhance your design. It is also completed with a drag-and-drop page builder.

Other exclusive Lynk perks include an event calendar, mega menu, front-end forms, notifications, various headers, and WooCommerce compatibility.

Lynk is also optimized for speed and SEO to ensure smooth performance. So you can expect to become a top-notch community website on search engines!

6. Gwangi

Want to be a match-maker? Wanna play cupid? Gwangi is the WordPress community theme that is right for you!

Gwangi is a modern and stylish WordPress community theme dedicated to the dating and matchmaking enthusiast out there.

You can use Gwangi to start your dating platform and create the next big thing.

But not only that, because Gwangi offers so much more. It has WooCommerce plugin integration to open an e-commerce portal on your website.

Gwangi is also specially designed for social networking sites. Overall, you can use this theme to create everything from dating sites to tutoring community sites.

It’s a clean, minimal, and sophisticated theme. This ensures that you always have the best solution to ensure a seamless and great community experience.

Embrace Full Experience of a Community Websites by Installing The Best Plugins in The Market

Feeling joy already after finding one of the fittest WordPress community themes for your website?

No please do not stop there! You are still can maximize your community sites to reach their full potential.

There is one best community plugin in the Envato Market. It is called Youzify!

If you think it has a pronoun similar to Youzer, then you are right! Youzify is a WordPress community plugin formerly known as Youzer. It is not a false opinion if you think Youzify is a Youzer 2.0.

What will you get inside Youzify?

By using Youzify, you will get the most complex plugins full of features!

Youzify can boost conversions and catch organic growth of user-generated content. You can reach more people using search engines organically.

It provides all the social features you need to get the most engaging user into your platform.


It is a great experience to have an active community website. To build a top-notch online community website, you need an eye-catching theme. So you can offer not only a good design but also a great user experience.

You can use and pick any theme you like. To make more of your sites and get the full online experience, you should install one of the most exciting community plugins.

Therefore, Youzify is your choice to complete the theme and the website you try to build.

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