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Frontend Submission Plugins

So, what if you can get uncountable fresh content without having to create or post it? All is possible, especially with frontend submission plugins in hand.

The frontend submission plugins allows the member to create content, no matter the type, without having to access the WP-admin page. It’s beneficial for you since giving you more spare time to focus on other tasks, redefining the layout or improving the interface for example.

Since this plugin gained its popularity, various types and models of frontend submission plugins begin to show. To save your time and energy, you may begin these lists.

1. Youzify Frontend Post Submission

Frontend Submission Plugins

Key features:

  • Limit post
  • Custom styling
  • Anonymous user
  • Custom integration
  • Real-time data
  • Advanced form field
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Powerful shortcode
  • Perfect user experience
  • Optimized performance
  • Unlimited frontend forms

The simplest, the better. Youzify Frontend Post Submission, formerly known as Youzer, is famous for its simplicity when managing any type of content, including content restriction which is great for a community website. But if you want something advanced maybe, this plugin provides various powerful features and tools you need the most.

It’s great for managing posts and members of community, both from guest blogs and members, through a useful shortcode. This plugin allows the user to create, edit, and delete a post from the frontend without giving any danger to a sensitive wp-admin page, while admin can simply accept or modify through a dedicated panel.

You can configure the parameter according to your preference based on the user, role, and time. The most notable thing is, you can set whether the user needs to login first or not to create any type of content. One thing is for sure, you will get a bunch of fresh content by using this plugin.

2. Ninja Forms

Frontend Submission Plugins

Key features:

  • Category role
  • Post transition
  • Custom template field
  • Admin bar for every user
  • Post widget and approval widget
  • Custom post via PressThis and Frontier

If you want something similar to WordPress’s original block post, Ninja Forms could be the answer. This plugin offers the same experience just like standard front-end submission in WordPress, but it’s more advanced with a bunch of features for every user.

What’s more, you can set those features for each user depending on their role. Users can post directly at the blog through their dashboard panel. This plugin permits for every user to create content without accessing the back-end area.

As a website owner, your only task is to approve the post from the users. Looking at those benefits, this plugin will work perfectly for a community website.

3. User Submitted Post

Frontend Submission Plugins

Key features:

  • Rich text editor
  • Page restriction
  • Category option in the submit form
  • Set minimum character on each post
  • Captcha support
  • Featured image and media
  • Notification email
  • Custom submission message
  • Customized setting by user

If you wish to own a guest blog or submission website, this plugin will help you the most. User Submitted Post is very helpful to get some fresh content from any website user, guest, or even visitor. The interesting feature of this plugin is that don’t have to register or even login to create a post.

Different users have a chance to create a post as they like, and you, as the administrator, have the power to approve or ignore every post that comes in. Never worry about any spam content, you can restrict it by activating the captcha feature from the dashboard panel.

User Submitter Post is a dedicated plugin for content creation. You can set the minimum number of every post from the user, even you can restrict the number of pages created by a user to avoid spam. Overall, this plugin will give you something you never have before when creating a post.

4. WPforms

Frontend Submission Plugins

Key features:

  • Custom display for post-submission field
  • Helpful shortcode
  • Built-in text editor
  • Custom format for a guest post
  • Google captcha support
  • Redirected submission page
  • Custom attribute for post
  • Option for login or not
  • Drag and drop

In the age of collaboration, having many contributors for your website is a must. The easiest way to do that is by adding the WPforms plugin into your WordPress. Several features and tools from this plugin will help you to get the best collaboration experience with your contributor.

Through various shortcodes inside the plugin, you can create permission for a user to create and submit a post, including image, video, gallery, and featured image. It has a simple interface just like an ordinary WordPress post, so you won’t find any difficult operating it.

All post attributes are integrated into a single page which makes it easy to navigate. The best part about WPforms is that you can set up whether a user has to login or not to create a post. Don’t worry about the security because it’s already integrated with Google captcha.

5. WP Frontend Admin

frontend submission plugins

Key features:

  • Layered security
  • Advanced media upload options
  • Sanitized and validated
  • Custom field template
  • Intuitive block builder
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Post management
  • CopyScape integration
  • Responsive theme
  • PayPal support

Talking about the most lightweight frontend posting plugin, WP Frontend Admin is not comparable. This plugin helps the user to create any type of content from the frontend by keeping the sensitive area of wp-admin remains safe.

You can set different parameters for a user when creating a post. So, if any post doesn’t match according to the parameter you made, it can’t be submitted. This is useful for time-saving especially if you have many contributors with many post submissions.

6. UserWP

Key features:

  • Frontend dashboard
  • Content restriction
  • Custom post field
  • Form template
  • Useful shortcode
  • Simple navigation

UserWP is well-known for its versatility. It allows the user to create a post or any type of content. This powerful plugin could help you to collect any informational content from your user that matches your website idea.

Entering the admin panel, you will find various tools such as editor, uploader, dashboard, publisher, etc. Those tools are what you needed to manage the frontend posting, as well as the backend. When you get an incoming post, this plugin allows you to accept or modify it according to your preference.

There will be a notification after the content is published, both for admin and user. Take into account that UserWP is already equipped with reCAPTCHA which makes you save from any type of spam.

So, What Frontend Posting Submission Are Best?

No matter what you pick, in the end, you don’t have to update your content by yourself again and again. This is the ultimate benefit you can get by having frontend submission plugins on your WordPress blog.

For a free version, anything is possible. 

But if you want something better with advanced features and powerful tools, just go with Youzify Frontend Submission Post because it has a specific ability in managing posts and users. Just try it for free then you can decide how better is this plugin for you.