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Membership Site

Membership sites are one of the most effective ways to get revenue on the internet. People can subscribe, buy, or become a member of any of your content or service.

Unfortunately, people will hardly find you if you only rely on paid content. You need traffic!

By SEO optimization, you can drag more organic traffic. When all of those enormous waves of traffic come to visit your membership site, your chance to get more revenues will expand.

If you do an SEO optimization campaign correctly, your membership site can be perched on the first page of Google! So, anyone who Google your brand, product, or service will have 95% more chances to find you. This presentation is the kind of traffic of the Google first page you want to reach.

How to optimize your membership SEO? Keep scrolling down to find out!

1. Optimize SEO By Giving Free Content

Remember when you got free chocolate when you were a child? Those are free samples you can enjoy without the need to dig for your parents’ money. You can like it or not.

But if you do, the chances are you ask your parents to buy those chocolates.

Another easy example is YouTube. Where you can digest all the content. It is free! Until you get annoyed by the advertisement queue. To get rid of unwanted commercials, you can pay for the premium version.

Membership Site

These similar principles are also effective to put on your membership site. You can give free content to anyone. But there are limitations to free content.

If your visitor wants to experience full comfort, there is a paywall to breach those limitations.

2. Using Excerpts on Your Membership Site

These kinds of SEO optimization are easy to find. For instance, on newspaper or user-generated content websites. You can also find it on sites where they give their members all access to read all content.

You can adapt it to build your membership site. For instance, you build local community sites which contain exclusive news for your members.

Or on the front page, you give excerpts of the new hot trend news.

If the content can allure people who visit your sites, they will decide to become a member. So they can get all of your content without any restrictions.

3. Maximize User Experience

One of the predominant factors to boost your membership site SEO is user experience. Sometimes, website owners fail to acknowledge what kind of experience will people obtain after visiting their sites.

User experience is a whole interaction inside the membership site. These interaction points can come from the great design, comfortable colors, friendly admin, fast loading speed, mobile-friendly, easy access to pay, etc.

Membership Site

The more people can navigate your site easily, the easier it will be for Google to crawl your membership sites. All of this can place your sites in a higher rank on Google search. User experience is an effective recipe for SEO optimization.

4. Keywords Research to Optimize SEO

Keywords are a ‘secret’ recipe for SEO. Which is not a secret anymore. Nevertheless, keyword research is still a complex job. By choosing the right keyword, you can lure people with similar interests.

To find the most precise keywords, you need to collect and brainstorm relevant keywords. Remember, that common keywords will be easier to find but you will face crowded competitors.

If you are confident and you have all the resources you need, you can jump into the crowded market.

On the other hand, you can take a more moderate way to build your community sites. You can do this by using long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are easier to find since they contain specific keywords.

Therefore, your sites will rank higher on the Google page. For instance, you are not only using ‘membership’ as a keyword.

Instead, you use the specific phrases, ‘membership sites for designers all across New York’.

5. Content is King

Despite all of your effort to do SEO optimization such as keyword research, build engaging user-experience sites, or use the latest technology to boost loading speed. All of this will go to waste if your content is not good enough.

To fully optimize SEO, you need people to find you and stay with you as long as they can. People will be disappointed when they are already attracted to your keywords and design but only find insignificant content.

You can boost your membership site’s SEO by building daily fresh content. So your sites can have a good reputation of an online presence. Which eventually draws constant traffic.

Try to build long-form content. This kind of content is something you would commonly find on Google’s first page. Long-form content usually can be found on the first page of a landing page. It also can be in such form as an article or a submission.

Usually, long-form content contains 1,800 words. But you also need to keep in mind that your target is not the number of words. Your target is to build good quality content.

6. On-Page Optimization

Another effective way to optimize your membership site SEO is by managing your on-page SEO optimization. You can do it by using plugins. Some of those plugins are Yoast, RankMath, or other plugins.

Any plugins will contain these vital aspects of SEO:

  • Title tag and URL: Make sure your keywords are attached to the URL and title of the page.
  • Heading: Keywords need to appear on the H1. Most importantly, place it at the beginning. After that, you also need to add keywords to your subheading.
  • Meta description: Nope, it is not Meta from Zuckerberg, but this ‘meta’ is vital for your SEO. The meta description is part of SEO. This section contains short descriptions of your content.
  • Keyword density: You need to spread keywords all over your content. Not too much and also not too little.
  • ALT tags of image: Content with images are more likable. You must give names or ALT tags on the image.

Bottom Line

Membership sites are one of the best ways to gain revenue on the internet. You can sell any product or service from your brand. To fascinate people to become your member, you need traffic.

SEO optimization is a vital part to sky-rocket more traffic. There are ways to optimize your membership site SEO.

For instance, giving free content, building an engaging user experience, keywords research, and on-page optimization.

Membership Site

To build your membership site, you can install Youzify. This number one WordPress plugin on the Envato market will help you manage your membership site.

So, are you ready to get more traffic to your membership site? Practice these tips and tricks to optimize your membership site SEO right away!

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