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WordPress LMS

Are you planning to sell online courses on a WordPress site? Some plugins allows you to create, manage, and sell any digital course like Udemy or another classified website in a hassle-free.

The best WordPress LMS plugins must offer various functions for managing the digital courses, handling members, training programs, accepting payments, and more. Also, the best LMS plugins will give you at least $100,000 a year by selling digital courses through a website. Bet you want to be one of them!

Depending on the plugin, you can create courses with various multimedia content, sell subscription and restricted content, track the progress, etc. Just before you step in, you need to do the basics first. In this case, your first step is to install one of the best LMS plugins on these lists.

1. Youzify

WordPress LMS

Key features:

  • Easy integration
  • Simple and detailed report
  • Reward program
  • Multiple member type
  • Multimedia content support
  • Friendly user interface
  • Discussion board
  • Email marketing option

Even though Youzify is not WordPress LMS plugin, but it offers you anything you want to make the best online courses, coaching clinics, training programs, and more. The best thing of it, you can do all of that by using a simple installation. In fact, this is the most versatile plugin to create and manage all digital courses.

To use this plugin, you need to install Youzify, and then you can integrate easily with other LMS plugins or themes to manage your community without hassle. Add more with handy features for creating and selling your course, it will give the best help that you need.

Overall, this is a great plugin to be combined with WordPress LMS plugin. So you can create any type of course for different purposes. Through its modern and smooth course builder interface, Youzify is a perfect option for beginners and a recommended option for experienced users.

2. Teachable

WordPress LMS
Key features:

  • Zapier integration
  • Detailed analytic
  • Drip-based course
  • Dedicated sales page
  • Multimedia support
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to operate

It could be the best option for a beginner who focuses on convenience. Teachable allows you to create a course just in a minute because it has no setup process.

The first thing you need to do is to signup and every tool will be available to create a course. Teachable will set you free from the hassle of plugin configuration. The main features provide everything you need to create the most powerful online course.

The only drawback of Teachable is that you don’t have full control so you may not be able to create a coaching or training program. According to its characteristics, Teachable is great for the beginner due to its simplicity.

3. LearnPress

WordPress LMS

Key features:

  • Advanced feature and function
  • BuddyPress and BBpress integration
  • PayPal support
  • Unlimited courses and instructors
  • Multimedia support

If you want something more than just creating online courses, LearnPress will give you more flexibility. All the basic tools to create exclusive content and online course are available to use. It has support for a different type of content and is easy to integrate with another plugin. Using this plugin, you can create an email alert, grade content, wish list, content drip, unlimited lessons, and courses.

The drawback is that the free version has a limitation in terms of features and functions. Still, LearnPress is a great option if you want to do an early experiment when offering digital courses in any form.

4. LifterLMS

Key features:

  • Coupon and payment support
  • Extended feature and function
  • Assignment lesson option
  • Dripped content
  • Scheduling course
  • Advanced course builder
  • Multimedia lesson

Witch various features and functions from LifterLMS, perhaps this is the most advanced online course plugin so far. It was designed for big agencies to conduct training for their employee, and experienced bloggers. So yes, the only drawdown from this plugin is not beginner-friendly.

Companies use LifterLMS to perform a complete training program with several platforms such as quizzes, images, videos, and more. It contains a ton of useful features that specialized in handling course content and facilitating the interaction between members through a comment, forum, timeline, and private coaching area.

Though, LifterLMS offers a simple drag-and-drop builder, set a time to the knowledge, downloadable material, drip content, set prerequisites, make an assignment, and other tasks. Even you can enhance the functionality by installing another add-on.

5. MemberPress

WordPress LMS

Key features:

  • Generate coupon, giveaway, and promotion
  • Payment gateway support
  • Tracking monitor
  • Content dripping
  • Create multiple courses program
  • Classroom mode

MemberPress offers an easy setup to get started. After installing this plugin, you can create a digital course, set the membership level, configure the payment gateway, custom builder for any course, and more.

Perhaps the most notable feature is the ability to invite other users to join the conversation, comment, or other types of interactions. Here you can create, manage, and sell various types of content courses, like premium posts, by restricting the content to a certain character.

Even you can control what members want to see based on their subscription level. MemberPress uses the same block as WordPress editor block with more advanced options such as drag and drop lesson, video, image, lesson, and another tool to create a curriculum.

6. LearnDash

WordPress LMS

Key features:

  • Detailed report
  • Sell subscription and membership
  • Discussion forum
  • Drip content
  • Release schedule
  • Reward student
  • Grading point system
  • Course builder
  • Beginner friendly setup
  • Training program
  • Extra features
  • Tracking progress
  • Prevent users from skipping

LearnDash could become the best plugin course for monetization because it has supported various payment gateways such as stripe, 2checkout, and PayPal. This plugin is equipped with a special feature called course point which gives a point to a user when completing a stage of course. This point can then be used to unlock the next stage of course.

This feature will encourage the engagement level of the employee for business, or the student for school and university. Even you can set a specific time to release a new course automatically. All those things come with an easy step through a drag and drop builder.

So yes, LearnDash is not only perfect for big business purposes, especially for professional training institutions, but also works best for social websites that have many members. Though, a beginner still has a chance to use it easily as well.

Which WordPress LMS plugin should I use?

To wrap it up, those plugins have a different plus and minus, so not every plugin could match your need or preference. You need to do a little research to find out. Otherwise, you may conclude that Youzify is a step ahead.

It provides a powerful function and amazing feature to create and manage any type of digital course, so you can monetize your website into something you have never reached before.