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Facebook groups

WordPress Facebook Groups is a trustworthy resource for you inside website development.

Even if isolation is not your thing, and your families, spouse, friends or even your pets are around, the chance is they have no idea what WordPress is! You can get frustrated because of the lack of a social network that understands your problem.

Now you can crack it up since there are WordPress Facebook Groups. You will be able to share ideas and thoughts.

Here are the 7 best WordPress Facebook Groups to check:

1. Youzify Community

Need to consult or discuss WordPress plugins? Then you should join the Youzify Community. This WordPress Facebook group will provide you a place to discuss anything about Youzify, BuddyPress, and all about plugins features.

Youzify as the number one sales plugin in the Envato Market gives you the flexibility to contact developer teams and other users here. With around 1.5 k members inside, you will have so many partners to ask your hassle in building mesmerizing community sites.

You can also consult about which package you should use according to your needs. From the free package, or the premium ones.

Keep note that the Youzify Community Facebook Group admin wants have a conducive group atmosphere. By that means, there are some guidelines you must obey:

  • No insults, bullying, and hate speech.
  • Do not use this group to promote your or other party business, page, fundraiser, or website.
  • No spam.

These guidelines are to give you and all people who join the Youzify community an excellent experience inside the group. You can join today by clicking on the link below:

Join Youzify Community Today

2. Plugins Suggestions

As the name suggests, the Plugins Suggestions group goal is to advise WordPress users, developers, and designers about plugins. You explain what you want to accomplish. After that, the panelists will give you their opinions on the best plugins you should try.

Note that you must also read the guide carefully.

The administrators would like to talk about plugin solutions that are valuable to the group. Plugins link – free or paid – is allowed. Provide some description of how it can help others. Last but not least, you can never promote affiliate links.

You may not self-promote or facilitate making money. Users who do not follow this rule will be banned promptly.

These rules are there to build a healthy group and discussion between you, the panelist, or other members. The group has over 4,000 members, so it’s a terrific resource when you need input on a plugin to use. Six moderators are available to control spam posting. This way the quality of posts in this group remains high. Usually, all posts will get a quick response.

3. WordPress Help for Beginners

Are you new to the WordPress environment? Then the WordPress Help for Beginners Group is a place to start. It is designed for beginners to ask anything related to WordPress. When you come across a challenge, advice, or tip that you think will be useful for beginners, we encourage you to share it with the group.

The group has over two thousand members and only two admins. But they do seem to have great control over spam and moderation. Check-in their rules of not allowing affiliate links or spam posts. You are also required to declare zero association with the product, company, or website you link.

If you are new to WordPress, feel free to ask. This group expects and encourages beginners to have questions about almost everything.

4. Intermediate WordPress

If you have experienced some steps toward WordPress, maybe now is the time to join this WordPress Facebook group called Intermediate WordPress.

The first rule on their list is to make sure you have or at least are developing an intermediate level of knowledge of basic development topics such as PHP and JavaScript.

This group has about one or two posts a day plus over two thousand members. This group provides a steady stream of high-quality posts. You can get an answer within a day, so you don’t have to wait too long in line.

To get the best experience, you should know basic HTML and CSS. Avoid overly trivial topics. It is best if you have already worked on developing your technical skills before asking for help.

5. Advanced WordPress Facebook Groups

Yep, the name says it all. If you know what you’re doing, head over to Advanced WordPress. Advanced WordPress group is where WordPress developers share their thoughts and knowledge about the most advanced features and functionality in WordPress.

While they welcome users of all levels in the group, the group’s administrators have some strict rules to keep a top-notch discussion. So it is best to avoid posting basic questions and make sure to search first.

With over 17,000 people, the group is one of the largest WordPress Facebook groups. Advanced WordPress is a very active group with a crowded timeline but well worth it.

If you’re actively coding on your website, making a custom build theme, or creating a plugin from zero, this is one group you should join.

6. WordPress Hosting Group

Hosting is a must-known topic if you are an active WordPress developer. WordPress hosting group gives you a place to discuss WordPress hosting, questions, tips, tricks. It includes other topics related to hosting.

The group has 2000 members and six administrators. No wonder the timeline is so clean and tidy.

This is the WordPress Facebook group you’re looking for if you’re thinking about migrating to a new hosting or creating a custom hosting solution. Remember, you must have overcome all basic hosting challenges first.

7. WordPress Designers

WordPress is a platform that not only thinks about speed. It also provides a place to build a sparkling good website. You will need a place to discuss anything about design, just like their slogan; β€œLet’s talk about design.”

This WordPress designer is a Facebook group that aims to bring together custom website designers. You can talk about design, future trends, running a design business, and more.

With over 3,000 members in the group, you can get very active discussions. Posts are shared a few times a day. In some cases, responses are available within a few hours.

WordPress Designers is the perfect space for you to discuss and learn about design. This is the place for you if you want to make a beautiful website from every aspect.


To have a community and friend to discuss WordPress is something you will need to share any ideas, thoughts, or inspiration. Now, you can worry-free since there are some good quality Facebook groups you can find.

By joining these WordPress Facebook Groups, you can start to build an engaging WordPress website. Whether you are still a newcomer, or you are an expert.

Find the right Facebook groups for you and keep developing your skills on WordPress.

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