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Monetize your Website

One of the cool ways to get revenues online is to monetize your website. By doing it, you can get unstoppable income streams. While there are many ways to indulge your way to have active or passive income, here are seven excellent monetization strategies for your website.

These monetization strategies are a perfect way to get income. Since that money can keep coming wherever you are, and whatever you do. No matter what kind of website you have. Such as a blog you have for personal use or a business website.

Keep in mind that your website must have the capability to attract members, users, or visitors.

Here are some excellent monetization strategies you can apply to your website:

1. Create Fascinating Social Media Website

Pick one most well-known social media platforms; Facebook. This social media app has been – and is still used – by 665 million users! This data comes from Facebook only.

What if we told you that you can build social media without coding knowledge? The answer is the magnificent duo of BuddyPress and Youzify.

BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin that helps you create and manage social networks. Therefore, users can interact and communicate with each other in a highly intuitive way.

Once installed, you’ll need other plugins capable of building a community site. If you’re looking for a rich social media plugin with a strong sense of community building, then Youzify is the way to go.

With this plugin, you can take advantage of social marketing, and your earnings will have a great chance to rise without any limit. By creating social media websites using BuddyPress and Youzify, you already have one of the most excellent monetization strategies.

There is an open door for you to become an ambassador, influencer, or sell private live streaming for anyone who gives you a gift or makes some payment.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Being an affiliate marketer has the same meaning as being a middleman. You are the one who stands between seller and buyer. You can do this monetization strategy for your website without selling your product or service.

Monetize your Website

You promote or sell products or services that belong to others. Whenever someone buys through your website, you will get a commission.

There are unlimited income streams potential you can get.

Keep in mind that even if this kind of monetization strategy seems “perfect,” there are things you must do in an effective way you can. For instance, you only promote top-notch products or services. By doing this, traffic will likely keep coming to your website.

Never let your visitors down by giving them low-quality or inappropriate promotions.

3. Sponsored Posts

If your website has reached an ideal position with constant and high traffic, there will be a chance where other companies want to promote themselves via your website.

For example, there is a company or brand. They are looking for the possibility to write about their product or service.

When they ask whether or not there is a space to put their post, you can charge them for some payment.

You can offer them a long-term or short-term agreement. For example, you can offer sponsored posts for one month. Or they make random individual sponsored posts.

4. Displaying Ads on Website

Usually, display ads are called “banners.” You can find it on top of the page, on the side, bottom, or anywhere within your page. This monetization strategy also has a good impact when your sites already have high traffic.

From that traffic, there is a chance they see those ads. The higher your traffic, the higher is the income stream you can get.

You can promote a business or product and earn dollars every month.

There are a few things you must keep in mind about placing ads. You must ensure that relevant and appropriate advertisements are selected. Avoid putting too many ads on your website. It will annoy your visitors. Also, avoid using pop-up ads on your website. It frustrates your visitors. So avoid them as best as you can.

5. Pay Per Click Monetization Strategies

Monetize your Website

It has similarities with display ads. The difference is whenever a visitor clicks on the ads, you can get paid. That is why it’s called “pay per click,” or PPC.

This kind of monetization strategy will bring magnificent results when applied to a high-traffic website. To maximize this PPC, you should build a specific niche into your website.

For example, you build a football-lovers website. Then you have an option to put ads related to football. This way, you attract the right visitor and also the right kind of ads related to your niche.

6. Membership Program

Another excellent monetization strategy you can do is membership. You offer your visitor to become a paid membership to get exclusive features, services, or content.

Even if there is some risk of losing some visitors. But if you can combine free and exclusive content, you will be fine.

One of the examples you can find is on YouTube. Creators now have a choice to offer membership to their viewers. When someone joins, they will have access to perks.

These perks only can be accessed by those who join.

7. Give Online Course Materials

Monetize your Website

If you have skills or talent, teaching others is one excellent monetization strategy you can choose. Whatever your talent or skills. From cooking, automotive, music, language, digital marketing, or anything.

Just like teachers, your website is open to becoming your educational platform. You not only make people become better people. You also increase the skills of others. Plus, an income stream from this online course.

For example, you have a website about content marketing or copywriting with a lot of traffic daily. You can offer online copywriting and content writing courses to your visitors. This type of passive income requires you to create a webinar once.

After you record it, you earn money every time someone signs up.

Conclusion About Monetize Your Website

Speaking about monetize your website is always interesting. The fact is no one can resist the possibility of making revenues from the website. Moreover when the income stream is limitless.

There are some excellent monetization strategies you can apply to your website. Start from creating a stunning social media website using BuddyPress and Youzify, becoming an affiliate, or accepting sponsored posts.

There are also other options such as display ads, PPC ads, memberships, or online courses.

Pick one of these excellent monetization strategies for your website and enjoy those revenues into your account!