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Online Community

If you think that your customers only have an urge to shop, you should think about it again. Involvement is the first thing on the table now. People must feel that they are becoming a part of something. You must consider building an online community to engage your sales.

When you can build a community to support your marketplace, it will bring interest and loyalty. Also, an online community that is active and shares information can retain customers.

Remember that the soul of a marketplace comes from its culture. Culture is what brings people to come over to your shop. It will boost their intention to contribute to your brand and build stories together.

Building a robust online community for a marketplace has an enormous chance to become a base of a strong bond between your brand and customers.

There are many excellent tactics to build an active online community to boost sales on your eCommerce. Accordingly, it also depends on the type of your market. Here are some of it:

1. Collaborate with Others

Today is the era of collaboration. Almost all forms of brands, businesses, personal accounts, or influencers are trying to find their way to joint ventures. By joining together with someone or something that shares a similar mission or vision, you can reach magnificent new market polls.

At the end of the day, collaboration is an ideal place to nurture an online community for a marketplace. The partnerships between brands will make each customer or audience involved.

For example, Disney and TOMS Shoes collaborated to create top-notch shoes for women and children. They produce a unique shoe design based on classic characters such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, or Snow White.

2. Show Your Goals to Your Customers

Values are the main focus of today’s businesses. To build a great online community to support your marketplace, you must tell them what aim you want to get? Is there any world shift you want to see?

The baseline is; what are your values to offer?

Clarify what your mission is long before you build an online shop. So when you form an online community for a marketplace, people already understand your value. It will make it easy for people to identify themselves with the goals you have in mind.

Airbnb for instance. They have a notion said “home is where you belong” throughout their marketing channel. This shows that their hotel services are different from common ones, and their rooms always feel like home.

Online Community

3. Learn About Your Users

While you should consider your mission before acquiring users, remember that your users, not you, essentially define your community. So to get to know them early to understand their needs and learn how to communicate with them is vital.

Brian Chesky, for example, has been homeless for several months. He jumped from one Airbnb host to another. Brian learned as much as possible about the service and its customers.

Eventually, he received valuable input and built relationships with the company’s early users.

The faster you learn about your early adopters, the more effective your online community for the marketplace you built.

4. Make People Connected

When you find people who share similar goals, you need to make them connected. If you succeed, they will communicate with each other. It will make them feel surrounded by like-minded people who share their values or interest.

For example, Airbnb, eBay, Etsy, and Uber all have community forums where users can connect. However, you can start with an easier approach. For instance, a Facebook group or even just a hashtag on Twitter or Instagram may be sufficient.

By connecting people with similar interests, it is easier for you to engage them in your marketplace. They will inform one another about your marketplace platform, what product they should be looking for, etc.

The key is to connect with people.

Online Community

5. Encourage The Big Spenders

Along with the expansion of your marketplace, you soon will know that there are people who become regular buyers. They usually generate more revenue than others.

They are the high-volume buyers you need to keep. Never forget about them. People who fall in love with your brand deserve a reward to encourage their loyalty.

If you can make them happy, it will construct your online community for the marketplace you build to become an ideal place for anyone.

For instance, Airbnb releases SuperHost programs. The program rewards hosts with priority service, travel vouchers, and other incentives. These are because of their ability to provide a great customer experience.

6. Provide a Chance For People to Become Designers

People need to feel like they have become an important part of your brand. One exciting way to make them feel involved is by providing them with access to customization.

If you look back before the smartphone era, Nokia has done it. They give unlimited possibilities for customers who want to customize their phone cases. This way, the users feel they have become part of the company, and the brand understands their needs.

Imagine if social media had existed back then. People will share their own customized mix n match phone cases!

People love to get recognized. Making them become designers inside your online marketplace community will throttle up the marketplace environment.

Online Community

7. Now It is Time to Build an Online Community for the Marketplace

The marketplace had a similar concept to the market where you buy things.

What are the recipes to get your top-notch marketplace? Combine Youzify with WooCommerce!

As you know, WooCommerce is the leading plugin to turn any WordPress site into a great online selling platform for everyone.

You can sell anything from digital files to physical products, set currency, view reviews, and ratings, and add sorting and filtering capabilities.

WooCommerce also understands the power of images. So you can post any amount of pictures for each product.

The great news is, Youzify can work and is fully integrated with WooCommerce.

So, the step to build an excellent online community is using Youzify as the number one community plugin in the Envato Market. Next, install WooCommerce to get the full features of the online store you need.

This way, people with similar values to your brands can share with each other inside the community. After that, the community provides active users who keep coming back to buy your product in your marketplace. Perfect!

Community Website


One of the most crucial steps in building a community for an online marketplace is to increase traffic and sales. This will be easier to get by creating groups.

Of course, building the ideal community for your market takes time and money.

On the other hand, online marketplaces create a virtuous cycle that supports your brand and turns your most loyal customers into brand ambassadors.

That is the power of a community! Create yours now using Youzify fully integrated with WooCommerce!

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