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Blog Traffic

Blog traffic is vital when you build a business or personal brand. When your traffic is flowing smoothly, your blog will attract more visitors.

What about if you are getting stressed about your low blog traffic? Are there any ways you can fix it?

Keep reading to know more about remarkable ways to grow your blog traffic!

Increase Your Blog Traffic Using These Tips

You can do several tips and tricks to increase mesmerizing traffic. These tips are good practice for your business, personal, and community blogs. Check it out!

1. Build Your Own Social Community

Blog Traffic

Stop dreaming and start building your community. A place where all of the users can interact with each other. Just like in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.

By building your social community, you will attract a class-full of traffic. Everyone will have a place to share their interests and hobbies. Or any trivial things. From how to bow a tie or how to wake up your teenager in the morning.

Craving for having social media? Now you have the privilege to do such a thing! Use Youzify as your WordPress Plugin for building any community website.

Your users will get a charming social community, unlike any other mainstream social media. They can add colors, have fun with their user profiles, and many more.

Your users will get an all-new experience and excitement if you install Youzify into your BuddyPress website. In the end, you will conceal an undoubtful amount of blog traffic behind those excitement and user experiences.

2. Grow Blog Traffic by Collaboration


Now is the right time to collaborate and reduce competition. Yes, competition can indeed make you better. But the potential benefits from the collaboration will surpass the result of a competition.

Reach out to those who have a similar niche you try to develop. The influence on a different audience will give you mutual benefits.

Start sharing some of their works inside your blog periodically. Tell about how good they are for their craft. Do this vice versa when you share your work on their blogs.

You will have a long road ahead and success together by joining forces.

3. Maximize Your Email Marketing

Blog Traffic

A stimulating and passionate blog or social media post will attract followers. But you can’t stop there. When you stop reaching out to them or they get bored, it will be a threat for you to lose them.

You want loyal users and followers. To do that, maximize your email marketing. Not only do you steal their attention, but email marketing is also still the best way to convert your followers into active buyers.

Shout out to them whenever there is a new publication. Build a list of regular followers and send them exclusive newsletters, infographics, or exclusive posts via email.

When they feel you care, you can expect them to spread the word for you and attract more followers. Make them feel special using email with a personal touch.

4. Making a Guest Post

Try to approach a blog with a similar interest or niche. Say hi and ask for permission to make a guest post. Even if they only have average traffic.

By making a guest post, their blog and yourself will gain great additional popularity. Similar to collaboration, those guest posts will interact with a different audience.

Eventually, you will get more new followers. Plus it will generate beautiful blog traffic. Start to make a list to find some good quality websites to contribute to.

Reach them out and start making thrilling traffic from guest posts!

5. Craft More Writing

Blog Traffic

Research shows that the more frequently you update your blog, the more traffic you will receive. Google prioritizes sites with fresh content, so if you want to get more attention from search engines.

Update your blog at least twice a week or anytime you like. Create a consistent schedule for uploading new work.

Because when new users visit, they will judge your blogs. When they find out that your latest articles or post has aged one year ago, you will lose their trust.

Your blog will be seen as an abandoned blog and there is nothing valuable on it. Not only that. Google also considers articles or posts. The more you write, the easier it is for Google to refer your blog to your niche.

6. Grow Blog Traffic by Incorporating Keywords

To attract numerous blog traffic, you need to manage your SEO. Without it, all of that traffic will hardly find you. With that said, you need to incorporate your keywords to boost SEO.

Keywords are the main ingredients for SEO. People can find your blog much better if you manage your keywords correctly. So, make sure you incorporate keywords on every page of your blog.

Choose one main keyword for each post you make. One phrase that you think readers will use. Words or sentences when they are looking for a niche. Build your post using the keywords but do it correctly.

Spread your keywords on the entire post. From your title, headlines, in the body content, plus inside the alt text of the image you use.

7. Edit Your Old Post

Fun fact; a blog post is just like fine wine. The older, the better! So does your old blog post. By editing it, your blog traffic will benefit.

By updating old posts, you can not only turn your visitors into readers or subscribers. You also improve a decaying section of your blog.

Find out about the latest trends today. If the trend is similar to your old ones, combine it into your post.

You can start with images.

For instance, your post about coffee five years ago. Try to update it using the latest image of today’s coffee shops in town. Or you can add more sub-section by writing about the newest flavor of your favorite coffee.

Make your post be evergreen as it can be. So people will find it relevant no matter when they read your post.


Traffic is something you need to grow your online presence. There are ways to build up your blog traffic. Keep in mind that you can start to grow traffic using Youzify as your number one WordPress plugin!

Happy blogging!

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