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Best WordPress Plugins

There are at least 50,000 plugins for WordPress, plus thousand more third-party plugins. How can you choose which is best for you? Are there any best WordPress plugins to make sites more delightful?

Choosing the best element for websites is vital. To simplify your adversity to choose, we have already picked 6 best-featured plugins to make your WordPress experience exciting!

So, letโ€™s go with the first one, shall we?

-Drum rolls effect-

1. Youzify

Best WordPress Plugins

Itโ€™s a new world of WordPress management! This is true for Youzify creators who bring a magnificent solution for WordPress.

Integrated with BuddyPress, it gives you hundreds of options so you can find the exact design that fits your personality down to the last detail. Check out everything it has to offer and trust us, you’ll want it right away.

Still unsure yet? Here are some of the Youzify features which make it one of the best-featured plugins.

  • Membership: Youzify provides you a Social Login or Registration with unlimited registration fields, CAPTCHA, login attempts limitation system, etc.
  • Social Features: Dreaming of having your version of social media? Youzify can make it come true! It has Groups, Social Wall, Emoticon, and any similar elements as social media platforms.
  • Profile Features: Youzify contains many profile widgets, hundreds of profile pages, and unlimited custom tabs.
  • And more

With this plugin, you can change the last bit of your user profile, from some basic settings like background and border settings to deciding whether to allow emoji and setting up social media accounts.

Youzify is the best-featured plugin since it will help you with an unlimited number of combinations. It is the one plugin that suits you best!

2. WooCommerce

Best WordPress Plugins

If business and online sales are your things, you will need to build your online store using WooCommerce. This plugin is the leading plugin to convert any WordPress site into a magnificent online sales platform for everyone.

You can sell everything from digital files to physical products, set currency, view reviews and ratings, add sorting and filtering capabilities.

WooCommerce also understands the power of pictures. That is why you can set unlimited images per product. Also, it supports subscriptions programs by enabling subscriptions, tiered pricing, and more. Thanks to almost endless customization.

One interesting fact about this plugin is it is made by a company that builds WordPress CMS. So it is practically similar to WordPress eCommerce.

3. Elementor

Best WordPress Plugins

It is not a mistake if a lot of people say that Elementor is the leader of WordPress CMS page builders. It allows you to make a variety of elements only with a drag-and-drop.

Managing your website is only as far as clicking and dragging all the way around. You can do this without the need for coding experience and knowledge.

Elementor is simple and compatible with the enormous WordPress theme. Elementor recommended for not only experts. But also for those who have just started their step as a beginner in the WordPress world.

This plugin provides rich page elements that you can easily add to any page and create an efficient website. Elementor is the one plugin that makes you wonder how you would live without it.

4. All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

Best WordPress Plugin

All in One SEO (AIO SEO) is a popular WordPress plugin for optimizing your website to rank high in search results.

As you probably already know, SEO can help you drive more traffic to your website from search engines. All in One SEO (AIO SEO) is one of the most well-known WordPress plugins by over 3 million users.

It helps you properly add SEO titles, meta descriptions, keywords, and generate XML sitemaps. It also connects your site to Google Search Console, optimizes for social media, and more.

If you want to get started quickly, AIO SEO includes a setup wizard that allows you to customize settings to meet any industry needs.

AIO SEO also has a free version. However, the pro version is more powerful. Some of the advanced features you will find are WooCommerce SEO, Local SEO, Smart Mode, Video Sitemap, and News Sitemap.

You also get a smart redirect manager, the ability to detect and fix 404 errors with advanced breadcrumbs, and more.

5. WP Rocket

Best WordPress Plugins

Need caching plugins? Then you should check WP Rocket as one of the best-featured WordPress plugins here.

Why should you use Wp Rocket? Just like its name, WP Rocket improves WordPress speed in an instant. You can do this without any coding or technical skills needed.

The plugin can turn on WordPress vital caching settings such as page cache, pre-loading caches, and more. It also loads images faster from its support for CDN, DNS, minification, and other enhancements. All of these will load your pages faster.

If you consider loading speed, this powerful plugin is a worthwhile investment. Proven by a lot of corporate websites and online stores become its users. WP Rocket is eCommerce friendly and doesn’t cache any cart or checkout pages.

6. OptinMonster

Best WordPress Plugins

OptinMonster is the most famous conversion of WordPress plugins on the market. It will direct users to your website.

It turns abandoned website visitors into email subscribers and customers. So, this plugin will help you get more email subscribers and sales quickly.

OptinMonster allows you to personalize marketing campaigns for each user. So you can display all information at the right time. If you urge to make revenues from your website traffic, OptinMonster is the main ingredient.

No matter who you are; blogger, business website, or e-commerce owner. These are the best plugins to convert visitors into buyers, check abandoned carts, and grow your email list.

Conclusion About Best WordPress Plugins

It is nearly impossible to avoid plugins if you want to run WordPress sites. No matter what you are looking for and need, solutions are available.

Engage users with email opt-in forms, add social sharing buttons, and compress images to increase site speed. Or do you want to optimize your content to rank in search engines? There is a plugin for almost everything you can think of on your website.

Hopefully, these best Featured Plugins list will help you decide and choose the most-fit plugins for you. Create your delightful WordPress website now and get all the possibilities you can find in the vast world of the internet!

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