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WordPress Forum plugins are an element you can add to your WordPress sites. By having these WordPress plugins, you can get an engaging, structured, and neat discussion platform.

Maybe you have been relying on the comment section of your websites all these times. Yes, these are indeed one way to communicate and get opinions or reviews from your visitors.

What if you can maximize it by providing a forum for all your visitors?

The Reasons Why You Should Use a WordPress Forum Plugins

WordPress forum plugins will help you add discussion columns inside your WordPress site. Not only there, since you will have access to manage the discussion flow yourself.

Here are the advantages of having forum plugins:

  • Create a New Community. With a place where everyone can discuss and make comments, you show you care about your visitors. It also makes your visitors feel invited to engage more with you. In time, these discussion columns can change into a community.
  • Customer Support. Your customer will have access to ask any help or questions. They will easily find you and you have a chance to respond ASAP.
  • A community forum that contains positive reviews will bring you a great impact. Remember that merely 94% read online reviews. And 84% of them take them just like the recommendations from their closest relatives.

Now you know how vital WordPress Forum Plugins are for your website. Now, here are some best plugins you should check:

1. Youzify, Self-Hosted Community Plugin

WordPress Forum Plugin

Yes, there are so many forums you can use out there. For instance, maybe you thought that using Facebook Groups Forum is enough. It is free and you can use it anytime you need.

What if there is a hidden fact behind it? The bad news is that you eventually have to give up control. You can spend years building, investing, and nurturing a thriving community. But only to wake up one day to find that Facebook deleted your group without warning or explanation, and you’re back to square one!

Will you dare to take the risk? Don’t you feel useless only to find all of your effort gone, just like that?

But now you can relax. Youzify is here to give you fully controlled WordPress Forum Plugins. As a self-hosted plugin, Youzify gives you full control. All the effort and hard work you put into the community and forums will pay off.

Youzify has many extensions that you can use to extend the power of your community. Setup is as simple as one click. You can get all of these for free, or you can install premium features only for a $60 one-time investment!

2. BuddyPress

WordPress Forum Plugin

BuddyPress is more than a simple forum plugin. BuddyPress is software that turns your WordPress site into a social network like Facebook for free. BuddyPress is great for business owners and bloggers who want to build a community around their content and/or products.

After installing the plugin, visitors can create profiles. After that, they can make friends with other users, post their events, share photos, form public and private groups, and send each other private messages.

Just like Facebook, your users can add friends, send private messages, create a group, and accept notifications.

3. bbPress

WordPress Forum Plugin

One of the most well-known WordPress Forum Plugins in the world is bbPress. It is great for starters and all people who want to make their sites into amazing forums.

vvPress has more than 300,000 active downloads because it is effective and simple to use. No matter what your skills, experience or budget, this plugin can be used by anyone.

bbPress is free and doesn’t have a premium version, so you can straight to use once downloaded. Still, it handles all the basic forum-related needs with ease. bbPress includes tools for creating posting accounts, managing forums, creating multiple discussion threads, changing forum styles, and more.

4. Asgaros

WordPress Forum Plugin

Another nice WordPress Forum Plugin you can use is Asgaros. This is one of the top-notch elements you can use to add discussion boards on your WordPress sites.

Asgaros is a lightweight and free plugin to create engaging forums inside your sites.

Prioritizing speed and ease of use, Asgaros Forum is ideal for new WordPress users looking for a basic forum. It is nice if you only need simple forums that fit with your needs.

It also benefits your website with built-in SEO optimization, file uploads, reactions, post permission controls, statistics, forum search and polling.

All of these are quite rare inside free plugins. Where many of which you can only see in premium plugins, but Asgaros makes them available for free.

5. wpForo Forums

WordPress Forum Plugin

If a forum is an integral part of your website, you will need a comprehensive plugin. Not just for the appearance of management. You also need it to help you boost your rank in search engines!

If that is what you are looking for, woForo Forum might be your answer.

wpForo Forums supports basic forum functionality plus additional features like member ratings, badges, hashtags, social sharing, and a drag-and-drop interface for forum management. wpForo also integrates with BuddyPress to engage your community site more.

It has three main forum layouts: Simplified (simple, minimal forum), Extended (more traditional look), and Q&A format. All layouts are mobile-friendly. So you don’t have to worry when your forum members are on the go.

6. Simple: Press

WordPress Forum Plugin

The Simple: Press is a WordPress Forum plugin that combines all the appearance features, functionality, and SEO all in one place. No wonder they claimed to be an “enterprise” forum maker.

Inside its free version, all the features already contain enormous aspects. Such as; forum managing, user and post-management, flood control, WP integration, and rank. To give more, they also provide gamification and SEO.

But despite all these free features, Simple: Press is really a premium tool.

Why? Because it offers 70+ premium plugins for anything you want on the forum, such as warnings and bans, topic redirects, flagged threads, and up/downvotes.

You can buy all the premium add-ons individually or subscribe to an annual plan (starting at $199 per year for one site) to get all add-ons.


Whether you want to build a Q n A platform about your product or encourage general discussion on your website, there are many ways to engage in a forum in WordPress. You can choose one of the best WordPress Forum Plugins we have provided here.

How about you? What do you think about building a forum inside your sites? Where do you want to go from there?

Having a remarkable forum is great for your website. It can boost traffic, engagement, and ranks on search engines