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Enjoy The Beautiful Youzify and Amazon S3 Integration

If you are a person who loves to develop websites using WordPress, you likely have some knowledge about S3. S3 is used to put media files beyond the regular website server. By this means, you can enjoy S3 utilization by

BuddyPress Gallery Plugin

Top 4 Greatest BuddyPress Gallery Plugin

Do you have a community site and looking for a gallery to collect all of your users’ moments? You are in the right place! These are the top 4 greatest BuddyPress gallery plugins you can use. Ok, so you already

BuddyPress Social Share

Add Engaging BuddyPress Social Share Button on Your Community Websites

Social share buttons are magnificent elements to have in your websites. It can boost your website presence on social media and add extra benefits for your brand or business. You can find these buttons on the top, on the side,

Frontend Submission Plugins

6 Best WordPress Frontend Submission Plugins

So, what if you can get uncountable fresh content without having to create or post it? All is possible, especially with frontend submission plugins in hand. The frontend submission plugins allows the member to create content, no matter the type,

Facebook Reaction Features

How To Add a Stunning BuddyPress Activity Reactions Feature Like Facebook

Do you want to have a BuddyPress Activity Reactions Feature like Facebook? Why is a reaction into a post crucial? One of which is they can increase user engagement. Your user will also feel more connected with you. Users not

BuddyPress Member Type

How To Add BuddyPress Member Type Features To Sparkle Your Community Website

Adding member-type features is one way to make your website top-notch. As a website owner, you want to sparkle your website by giving your users the best features. One of the awesome services you can give is to add member-type

5 Best WordPress Restrictions Plugins by Role

There are a lot of options for WordPress restrictions plugins that you can use to limit your content. Though, with so many options available out there, you may get confused to pick the best according to your need. Different plugins

Build a Nice User-Generated Content Platform Using Front-End Submission Plugin

If you want to build user-generated content for your business, community, or any other needs, you must use front-end submission plugin. These plugins will make your user can post easily to your websites. User-generated content can attract 90% more customers,