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How to Install BuddyPress

Changing your WordPress into a magnificent community site has never been easier. Now, BuddyPress presents the latest versions and constant upgrades to build engaging websites. That is the reason why you need to install and set up BuddyPress right now.

BuddyPress is the main ingredient to create your dream sites. What’s better about it, the plugin is free to use for everyone. All the basic social media and community features are available inside of it.

If you dream about having a Facebook or social media site, this is your treasure. The question is, how to install BuddyPress and set it up? Keep reading, and find the answer in this article.

What is BuddyPress?

Before we get deeper into the BuddyPress world, let’s find out more about it. BuddyPress is called a “social network in a box.” You can build any community website with WordPress, complete with member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, and much more.

Not only that, but you will be able to use add-ons features to add extra functionality to your social network. BuddyPress also provides message attachments, document collaboration, likes, and walls like Facebook!

Basically, BuddyPress is a simple, easy-to-use plugin. It is a tool for you to build and enhance online community sites.

How to Install BuddyPress and Set It Up

If you have any experience with WordPress sites, you will not find any obstacles during BuddyPress installation.

After you get a fresh WordPress installation, now is the right time to go into the WordPress Dashboard.

Once you are there, you should click on Plugins>Add New. There is a chance the BuddyPress icon will appear. If this is the case type “BuddyPress” in the search box icon.

Check on the Install & Activate, then you are ready to go!

How to Configure BuddyPress

Mainly, there are three important aspects to configure:

  • Component
  • Pages
  • Setting Customisation

Let’s start with components first.

BuddyPress Component Activation

To get the full features of BuddyPress, you should activate BuddyPress Components. To do this, you can go to Settings>BuddyPress. And then, you click on the Components tab you find on the page.

Based on how you wish to operate your community, you may select as much as you want from the followings choices:

  • Profiles: User profile customization and check the available fields.
  • Account Settings: Users have access to edit their accounts.
  • Friend Connections: Users may decide how to connect with others.
  • Private Messaging: Users can send private messages between them.
  • Activity Streams: The display of the activity on the site including direct posts to the front-end, commented threads, email notifications, and mentions.
  • Notifications: Members get notified about their preferences and recent activities.
  • User Groups: Users are allowed to create user groups to build their community network.
  • BuddyPress Core: A mandatory, since BuddyPress will not work without this component.
  • Community Members: Also mandatory. BuddyPress is not going to work without it

How to Install BuddyPress

 Setup BuddyPress Settings

Once you have done managing components, you can move on to set up the BuddyPress Settings.

Just go to Settings > BuddyPress, after that you click Options. On this tab, you’ll find some options as to whether you will enable or disable it.

Those options are:

  • Main Settings: Template, account delete, and toolbar.
  • Members Settings: Uploading profile pictures, cover images, invitations, and also membership requests.
  • Profile Settings
  • Group Settings: Create group, upload group photos, and group cover images.
  • Activity Settings: Comments, auto-refresh, and Akismet for checking spam inside the activity streams.

Setup BuddyPress Pages

When you build a WordPress, you need to set up some pages. It is a crucial element for the website overall.

Check on your WordPress Dashboard, and click on Pages > Add New. Create at least two pages for the beginning. Call it Register for the first page, and the second page is Activate or other meaningful words or titles.

Once you have done it, you can find your page inside the Main Page screen.

How to Install BuddyPress

Installing Theme for Your BuddyPress Sites

As of version 1.7, BuddyPress can be used with any well-written theme. There will always be some themes whose layouts and designs are better suited to BuddyPress than others.

There are many free themes you may use. For instance, you want to use a theme named Spacious.

You now may go to Appearance > Themes. The next step is to click Add New. After you click on it, now type the theme you prefer. For this example, you may choose Spaciously.

How to Install buddyPress

How to Enhance Your BuddyPress

In this article, there are still a lot of BuddyPress settings that have not been explained yet. But we hope you have already grabbed the idea.

Any steps how to to install BuddyPress are genuinely simple and can be done by anyone. Just click on the elements you would like to manage.

There is still a way to enhance your BuddyPress sites to another level. Especially, if you are planning to build an engaging online community.

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How to Install BuddyPress