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Photography Service

Are you providing a photography service to your client? No such thing is more important in today’s business service world than creating a top-notch website to grab your customers.

Traditional ways of selling your service such as opening a local shop, pamphlets or word-of-mouth only brings you limitations. It will be hard for you to expand and reach your full business potential.

A website can give you a platform to showcase your photography talents, organize your stock photos or sell your photos online. You will be able to create a photography package to sell your photography services, showcase client testimonials, and more.

By creating a website that sells services online, not only can you expand your reach. You can also reduce overall costs and increase profit margins.

Ready to create a breathtaking photography service website? Here is the step-by-step guide:

1. Find Your Domain and WordPress Hosting

These are the basics for any business website owner. You need to get a domain and hosting.

The main difference between a domain and hosting is that a domain is an address that allows visitors to easily find your website online. While hosting stores website files.

To have an effective website, you need a domain name and a hosting space.

Once you get your domain, you need to purchase a hosting plan. You can buy it individually or visit some well-known hosting providers such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, and more.

2. Install and Set Up WordPress to Get Your Photography Service Website

WordPress is one of the easiest and most widely-used Content Management Systems (CMS). Basically, it is a free open-source platform that allows anyone to create websites without the need for coding experience.

Even so, if you want to, there are premium plugins, themes, and add-ons you can find in the market. Some plugins or themes also offer customization options. It becomes handy since you can make the changes you want according to your needs.

For instance, if you want to build a community of your photography customers, you can install Youzify as the #1 community plugin in the Envato Market.

Photography Service

3. Integrate E-Commerce Functionality with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

When you build a photography service website, what you aim is how to get your service to future customers. To do that you need an e-commerce function to sell your offers.

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is what you need. The plugin integrates e-commerce functionality into your website, making it easy to sell digital products like eBooks, WordPress plugins, themes, PDFs, and more.

Similar to sites that offer premium photos (like Adobe), you can also monetize your premium collection. You can organize a group of photos to download and set a price for them.

Photography Service


4. Combine with Youzify

To make your EDD more powerful, you need to combine it with Youzify. By doing this, your journey to get a breathtaking photography service website will be accompanied by one of the most powerful WordPress plugins.

Youzify is offering you unbeatable profile features. Not only powered by the Easy Digital Downloads, but Youzify also gives you extra miles to create a great photography service website.

One of them is a profile page that is fully yours! Maybe you think of profile pages only for uploading avatars or covers. In Youzify, you will be able to upload your craft!

You can put all your samples, portfolios, or the best image taken by you. Whenever customers visit your profiles, they will be exposed to your art of work.

Community Website

5. Choose a WordPress Theme

To enhance your website appearance, you need a good theme that hooks anyone who visits your site. The more catchy and professional your website looks, the more authority you will get.

With a beautiful theme, your website can be seen as an incredible place to find an excellent photographer.

Choose the one that can spread your message throughout the world. Keep in mind that you must use a theme that is compatible with EDD.

There are many free and premium themes on the market to choose from. The best theme for your EDD store is the Reign theme. It is fully compatible with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin and provides an amazing layout for your digital product e-commerce store.

Photography Service

Sell Your Line of Work by Creating a Photography Service Website

By creating a photography service website, you will attract more potential clients. Leave the out-of-date method since now is the time for you to go online! Start with getting a domain and hosting service. These are the basics of a website.

Next, choose WordPress as your content management system.

WordPress is so easy to use and learn. You don’t need to have coding experience to use and manage it. Install EDD so your customers can find your service and buy your products.

EDD is a plugin where you can sell any kind of digital product. Add Youzify to power up EDD. Youzify gives you the flexibility to upload your work on your profile page.

Clients or customers will find your offers and work right on your profile. Just like one-stop shopping that can be done in your profile.

Engage more of your customers by choosing a theme. A great and professional look is crucial to expanding trust from buyers.

Shout out to all photographers! Attract more clients and buyers to your professional service by creating a breathtaking photography service website.

One image might be more than a thousand words worth. It will be more worthy if you spread it out to the world from your website.

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