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Website Similar to LinkedIn

Maybe you already know that LinkedIn is a social media for professionals and companies to meet. It resembles Facebook with a formal outfit. Both employers and employees can interact with each other around the globe. What if you can create a website similar to LinkedIn ? Imagine all the traffic you will get from it.

With the right steps, you can build LinkedIn in your version. If your passion is to help others land their first job, creating this kind of website might be your passion.

Not only that. You also will help companies and businesses out there who have no time or resources to find the right staff. You need to remember that if you want to face-to-face with LinkedIn, you might be really struggling. This is something you want to avoid.

For better, pick a niche of your industry or from things you are most capable of. For instance, you build a website similar to LinkedIn for building contractors, wedding organizers, or any specific industry.

From there, you can escalate it into more common industries.

Take These Simple Steps to Create a Website Similar to LinkedIn

To create a website that resembles the functionality of LinkedIn, you need to know some steps. Your website will be ready with all the necessary community functions. Those might be a login panel, profile page, posting updates, friend requests, etc.

1. Find Your Domain Name

First thing first, you need to book a domain for your LinkedIn look-alike website. These are the ‘.com,’ ‘.org,’ or another type of ‘dot’. Each of them may bring you different branding advantages.

Buying a domain name is one of the most important steps when starting a blog, personal website, or online business. Without one, users will not be able to easily access your website on the internet.

Luckily, registering a domain name is very simple – even a beginner can do it in minutes.

Users can also purchase custom domains from hosting companies that offer domain registration services. For example, there is a well-known service such as Hostinger or GoDaddy.

Website Similar to LinkedIn

2. Select Your Hosting

The second step is to find a hosting service. What is hosting exactly?

Hosting is the process of renting or buying space to host a website on the World Wide Web. Website content (HTML, CSS, or images) needs a host to be viewed online.

There are literally hundreds of web hosts today offering thousands of web hosting services. Plans range from free with limited options to expensive web hosting services exclusively for businesses. Your choice depends on how you want to use your website and your hosting budget.

Choosing the right hosting plan means you have access to the right allocation of resources to ensure your website loads quickly and reliably for your visitors.

3. Installing WordPress

Website Similar to LinkedIn

After you get the domain and hosting, now is the time for you to install WordPress. WordPress is the most well-known Content Management System to use easily.

There is no coding expertise needed when you are dealing with WordPress. Including when you try to build a website similar to LinkedIn. You can start your WordPress setup by choosing a beautiful theme.

Reign BuddyPress Theme for instance has a sparkling layout that resembles a famous social networking site. This is perfect. It will bring your users a familiar user experience.

Also, it offers customizable membership themes and has dedicated support for BuddyPress and bbPress. Which allows you to build a responsive WordPress social networking platform.

4. Use BuddyPress Social Network Plugin


As you know, LinkedIn has a similar style as Facebook (But with ties and suits). Another crucial step you should make is social networks functionality in your job platform WordPress sites.

To give your website a nice LinkedIn look alike, you should use BuddyPress. This social network plugin is free. You can find almost all features you need to deliver an engaging community website.

By using BuddyPress, anyone will be able to manage their profile. Everyone can extend their profile by building new profile fields for instance.

Website Similar to LinkedIn

5. Installing Youzify

The next step to building a website similar to LinkedIn is installing Youzify. Youzify is a Buddypress Community & WordPress User Profile Plugin for a more engaging and interactive website. To be fair, Youzify is the best WordPress community and user profile WordPress plugin that will hook all the users inside your site.

But why do you need to use this plugin? Maybe that is what you have in mind. To make a website that meets employees and their future employers, you need jaw-dropping user profile features.

For example, you are a business owner. When you are searching for staff, you need to examine the candidate. Also, vice versa, if you want to attract your future employers, you need an eye-catching profile.

With Youzify, you will get all of the complete user profile features.

Not only those advantages are available for you. Since Youzify is the #1 WordPress Community Plugin in the Envato Market, you will find all of the excellent community social features.

Website Similar to LinkedIn

Great Community Features Inside Youzify

Building a website similar to LinkedIn means you have to be able to share information about yourself, your work, and your media. You must have easy access and connect with others. These are the reasons why Youzify is here.

Take a look at these features:

  • Youzify provides you with a social wall. You can share anything here. From pictures, videos, or any content. Your portfolios for instance!
  • Features to connect with anyone. Imagine you make a connection with your future boss from them early on. Exciting!
  • A system that able you to follow or unfollow
  • Private messaging.
  • User groups are used to bring together people who have similar interests in interacting locations.
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Points and badges are used to reward users.
  • Social login allows login via Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Bookmark posts.
  • Likes, comments, replies, and mentions. As well as the number of emojis and smileys.
  • A media uploader.
  • website directory
  • Sticky posts, site-wide notifications, real-time URL preview, and advanced profile features to improve user experience.
  • And many more!

Count Down… and… Launch!

After all the preparation, now is the time to launch your website. See how the response of the user. Introduce it to your community to tell them that they have a platform to share their portfolios and information.

Spread it out to companies and businesses with similar niches. Your website will expand more and more in time by connecting future employers and employees.

Wrap Up

The simple steps above will help you create a website similar to LinkedIn. Try the Reign BuddyPress theme and start the journey of your social networking site.

Completed it with Youzify to build a robust community platform for anyone. Your visitor or users will be happy to use fully-equipped User Profile Features.

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