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prop imageSpecial Offer!
Save UP TO 70% on Youzify All-Access Pass.


Included in All-Access Pass: Gain access to BuddyPress Amazon S3 and more by purchasing the All-Access Pass!

Rest easy knowing your customers will always have reliable and fast delivery of the community media files, avatars, and covers.

Amazon S3 is the largest and most performant file storage service available. Even if you have only a small number or size of files, keeping your file data secure and reliably accessible for your customers is incredibly important for any WordPress site. Amazon S3 is the solution that makes securing and delivering your files simple and affordable.


  • Offload All Youzify Media to Amazon S3.
  • Offload BuddyPress Profiles Avatars & Covers to Amazon S3.
  • Offload BuddyPress Groups Avatars & Covers to Amazon S3.
  • Painlessly upload your existing Youzify media and BuddyPress Avatars and Covers.
  • Remove Offloaded Files From Server: reduce the usage of server storage space by removing media files once they’ve been offloaded to Amazon S3.
  • Restore Deleted Files from Amazon S3: Removed all the offloaded media files from your server? You can effortlessly download your offloaded media from Amazon S3 with the click of a button. No scripts or command line needed.
  • Set Custom Upload Path Inside your Amazon S3 Bucket.
  • Compatible with Youzify.
  • Compatible with BuddyPress.

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