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Save UP TO 70% on Youzify All-Access Pass.
Included in All-Access Pass: Gain access to WordPress – Frontend Post Submission and more by purchasing the All-Access Pass!

Create unlimited advanced user-friendly posting forms to allow users to create, edit, and delete posts from the frontend without visiting the admin area.

This plugin comes with a bunch of advanced options to restrict forms by role, time. Also, the ability to allow anonymous posting for visitors without the need to log in and much more powerful options.

  • Can work with WordPress only, BuddyPress Only, Youzify…
  • Create Unlimited Front-end Publishing Forms
  • Front-end Posts Edit Form
  • Front-end Posts List With Edit/Delete Button
  • Advanced shortcodes to place forms anywhere you want on the site
  • Advanced BuddyPress Settings:
    • Create Custom BuddyPress Tab with 3 Subtabs: Posts, Drafts, ‘Create New Post”.
    • Contol Each Tab Title, Slug, Icon, Visibility
  • Advanced Anonymous Users Posting:
    • Enable / Disable Anonymous Posting.
    • Assign Anonymous Posts to an Existing User.
    • Set Anonymous Posts Tab Mode:
  • Limit Forms By User Roles
  • Limit Number of Posts by Time and by User Role and for each form:
    • LImit User Number of Posts Per Day.
    • Limit User Number of Posts Per Week.
    • Limit User Number of Posts Per Month.
    • Limit User Number of Posts Per Year.
  • Advanced Forms Builder with Drag & Drop.
  • Advanced Form Fields:
  • Default WordPress Fields: Post Title, Post Content, Featured Image, Post Excerpt, Categories, Tags, Post Format.
  • Create Unlimited Form Custom Fields: Text, Textarea, Number, Date, Single Checkbox, Multiple Checkboxes, Select Box, Mulitple SelectBox, Tags, Notice Field, HTML field, Captcha.
  • Create Unlimited Advanced Upload Fields:
    • Set Fields Available Formats: Images, Videos, Audio, Files.
    • Set each Format Available Extensions
    • Set Maximum Upload Size
    • Set Maximum Allowed Files.
  • Allow / Disallow Users to Publish Posts
  • Allow / Disallow Users to Save Posts as Draft
  • Allow / Disallow Users to Edit Posts
  • Allow / Disallow Users to Delete Posts
  • Detailed Custom Styling: General & Per Form.
  • Real-time Shortcode Navigation ( No refresh required )
  • Real-time Posts Pagination ( No refresh required )
  • Real-time Posts Delete ( No refresh required )
  • Optimized Performance with Perfect User Experience.

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