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If you are a person who loves to develop websites using WordPress, you likely have some knowledge about S3. S3 is used to put media files beyond the regular website server. By this means, you can enjoy S3 utilization by applying Youzify and Amazon S3 integration.

Amazon is a platform where you can buy, build and do online business worldwide. More than that, Amazon also provides a mesmerizing data storage service called Simple Storage Service or Amazon S3.

No matter who you are, where you live, you can use this service to keep your data. People who have been using Amazon S3 keep loyal because Amazon gives crucial advantages; a reasonable price with exclusive benefits.

Unlike other services that ask for a flat subscriptions fee, Amazon S3 presents a different approach. Rather than asking people to pay (for instance, 1 million a month for 50 GB which they donโ€™t care if you use it up until the limit or not). Amazon S3 sets its service price according to how much data you upload into S3 storage.

More About Amazon S3

Price is not the only benefit of using Amazon S3. To know more about this storage service, you can first find out what Amazon S3 is.

Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service is a service where you can put your data inside its storage.

Customers of all sizes and industries can use Amazon S3 to store and protect any amount of data for different use cases. You can name it from data lakes, mobile apps, websites, backup and recovery, archives, enterprise applications, IoT devices, including big data.

All of these great benefits come with industry-leading scalability, security, data availability, and performance.

With Amazon S3, you can configure, optimize, and organize your data to meet your specific requirements. Any specific needs such as organizational or business data will find their safe house inside Amazon S3.

Amazon S3 Integration

Amazon S3 Most Beneficial Features

Amazon S3 is handy for all of you because of its beneficial features. What are those features? Here are some of it:

  • Access To Manage Your Storage. One of the most intriguing benefits of Amazon S3 is storage management. With these features, you will have access to manage costs, meet regulatory or law requirements, and reduce latency. Plus, you can keep multiple, disparate copies of data to meet compliance requirements.
  • Auditing and Access Management Features. Amazon S3 gives you access to manage and audit your objects and buckets. These elements are private by default. But you can grant a granular permit for your specific use or audit permissions of resources.
  • Processing of Data. You can trigger and transform to automate a wide variety of processing activities. Such as you can select S3 Object Lambda to add your code to S3 GET. This function is to add a modification and process data requests. You can also trigger an event notification using Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, and AWS Lambda whenever there is a change made in the S3 resources.
  • Amazon S3 has tools to log and monitor the use of Amazon S3 resources.
  • Insight about Storage Usage. There is one main reason web developers separate their data and the core website files inside the regular server. And put all of the media files (videos, photos, files, etc) into Amazon S3. That is to have a more stable website. Amazon S3 provides features that help you understand storage usage. Which allows you to have a better insight, analyze, and optimize storage at scale.

What Are The Benefits?

If you ask what are the benefits of using Amazon S3? There are tons of answers:

  • Simple and user friendly
  • Secure since Amazon S3 provides support for data transfer on SSL
  • Long-lasting, durable, and reliable data storage
  • Easy integration with all Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Scalable
  • Its web interface gives you ease to manage any files
  • Audio-video transcribe only in a single click away
  • Superfast files loading no matter where your audience is using CloudFront
  • Access to backup storage into the local computer
  • Common storage for web applications needs
  • You only pay based on your usage. Your bills grow along your experience
  • Ease to share files between large scale of servers since S3 uses a centralized system
  • Is the glass half full? With S3, your storage โ€˜glassโ€™ will never full or spill
  • Numerous libraries exist in almost any programming language to seamlessly connect to S3 and integrate it into your application.
  • Many more.

Youzify and Amazon S3 Integration

Amazon S3 integration

For a better insight into all the Amazon S3 benefits, you should experience yourself. But how to get a front seat? The answer is you should use Youzify and Amazon S3 integration add ons.

With this integration, you can sit back and relax. Your clients are guaranteed to keep delivering social media files, avatars, covers and save space on your server reliably and quickly.

All Youzify users can enjoy the flexibility of media transfer. Whether it is from or to S3 automatically. And yes, you can enjoy this exciting Youzify and Amazon S3 integration only with a few clicks needed.

Even if you only have a small number of files, keeping your file data safe and reliably accessible to customers is very important. Amazon S3 is a simple and affordable solution for protecting and delivering your files.

Other benefits inside Youzify and Amazon S3 integration:

  • Offload all Youzify media to Amazon S3.
  • Offload the BuddyPress profile avatar and cover to Amazon S3.
  • Offload BuddyPress group avatars and covers to Amazon S3.
  • Easily upload your existing Youzify media and also BuddyPress avatars and covers.
  • Delete offloaded files from the server: Once media files are offloaded to Amazon S3, you can reduce server storage usage by deleting them.
  • Recovering deleted files from Amazon S3: You can easily download unmounted media from Amazon S3 with the click of a button. Without scripting or command line required.
  • Custom upload path setting in your Amazon S3 bucket.
  • Optimizer compatibility.
  • BuddyPress compatible.

Choosing Amazon S3 as your cloud storage can be the first step into a world of possibilities. Youzify can help you conquer the online world with your product or service.

Feel the experience of easy data transfer using Youzify and Amazon S3 integration. Wherever you are or whatever you do, you can move all media (image, video, files, etc.) from the Youzify environment into S3 vice versa. All can be done automatically only for a few clicks away!

Get your Youzify and Amazon S3 integration add-ons now!

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