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Community marketing

Community marketing is one means to forge your brand presence in front of your targeted customers.

One way to get there is using community marketing. Community marketing has been practiced in places. From Facebook groups, Twitter, or other groups that have similar interests.

In other words, community marketing is one way to engage with a large group of customers. A brand has access to give promotion material to larger people inside a group or community.

With that said, this kind of marketing hoped to raise sales, traffic, or engagement and get revenues from some community of people. There are ways to evolve your online community using community marketing.

Why You Need Community Platform

The first step towards a mesmerizing community marketing campaign is to craft your community platform first hand.

The best thing you can do is build an engaging community platform using BuddyPress and Youzify. BuddyPress is the base plugin. And Youzify that concentrates on becoming the number one community plugin in Envato Market, you just have digital capital. A capital to evolve your community marketing strategies.

Maybe you asked, “Why do I need to build my community platform?”

There are clear reasons for those questions:

  • Generate nice traffic. Interactions among community members will boost SEO and increase traffic. A steady stream of traffic can come from community-generated, authentic, relevant, fresh, and free content.
  • Nice income source. An income stream from members. For instance, you sell exclusive content to those who upgrade their membership level.
  • Provide a supportive atmosphere. Another sparkling benefit of having your community platform is you provide a place where people can share. Unleash unlimited power inside a collaboration. Not only beneficial for a business or a brand. Also to the entire community.

That is why before you conduct community marketing, the first step to do is engage with BuddyPress and Youzify. By doing this you are on the right track. It is the first step to building mesmerizing community platform.

Community Marketing in a Nutshell

Community marketing is a way to eliminate the distance between customers with the brands. So there will be no gap between the two.

By eliminating the gap, a business or brand will have a much more dedicated customer base. In the long term, it will push the reputation of a brand.

This kind of marketing could have a larger impact when combined with social media. These two elements will become a treasury for business in this digital world.

To make it simple, you can combine social media and websites by building a community website with social media features. All features are available in Youzify. A community member can share, interact, join, add, or do any social media activity. Using only one website.

For example, look at Kiehl’s. A well-known brand in the beauty industry. Kiehl’s is not trying to reach new customers. They practice community marketing instead.

Such as word-of-mouth and active employees to become the brand “face” to their customers. Kiel’s also gives a free trial of a brand new product and keeps their customers close.

All of that makes their customers feel comfortable. Not only from the service but also from the values. Through these community marketing strategies, their customers would give loyalty to the brand without hesitation.

These customers often value the opinions of others and will discuss their buying behavior with family, friends, and colleagues face-to-face or via social media.

Often, customers who are already very brand loyal (for instance, an Apple user who never wants to use other OS, a Pizza Hut lover who never put other pizza brands) are excellent advocates for organic community marketing.

Effective Community Marketing Strategies to Evolve Your Online Community

Community marketing

There are numerous strategies available to practice effective community marketing. Below are some of them:

Easy to Access

The key to community marketing is access. Future buyers must feel that they can contact or have easy access to the brand. On the other hand, the company needs to open the chance to interact with their customers.

Eventually, it will provide a decent soil to make a conversation. It will build an excellent way of communication between brands and their customers.

Being Consistent

Companies should open communication consistently. There are ways to do so. For instance, publishing continuous information gives feedback to customers, and listens to what is the message that customers bring.

Act Like a Professional

Not only share consistent materials you also need to act as a professional. Craft a series of educational infographics, articles, or bulletins.

You can share these resources through the community funnel, such as groups, forums, or social media walls. Provide your customer with how-to instructions, tips, or any handy information.

Benefits From a Community Marketing

One nice benefit from community marketing is that both companies and customers gain value. There is an extra mile they get from community marketing.

If you are doing it right, a community marketing campaign can give you these benefits:

  • Make consumers feel welcome
  • Your customers know that you are concerned about customers need
  • Learn more about your customers – from their concerns, preferences, needs, and buying habits
  • The ability to check out the latest services and products – with a dedicated community behind you, you can check out new product and service ideas before offering them to public
  • Insights into the latest solutions, services, and products based on customer knowledge
  • Better customer retention and loyalty
  • The evolution of user-generated content
  • Branding and word-of-mouth advertising
  • Reduce spending on traditional forms of media
  • Attract new customers
  • Expand your marketing strategy and reduce reliance on paid advertising
  • A much greater profit
  • Reduce customer support costs
  • Build a high overall reputation


Developing an online community dedicated to your brand won’t happen overnight. But it’s certainly worth the investment.

Businesses can no longer hope to compete only on things like price and product selection. Old-school advertising can only do so much. You need a roaring fan community instead that forms a specific value. It will attract more people into those communities.

As long as you maintain a good conversation, listen and learn from your customers, you are good to go. You are going to need good online community websites to maintain customers.

It combines social media, forums, and other community aspects into one place. A perfect tool to make an excellent community marketing campaign.

Make a fast response to customers’ needs. Give regular educational content, and nurture a place of interaction using community websites.

Take a magnificent step to build your community platform using BuddyPress and Youzify now!