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Gamification Plugin

What is gamification? Why do you need to add gamification to your site? What plugins are available to use? Keep exploring and find the answers as we go deep and talk more about gamification and gamification plugin below.

Have you ever heard of gamification? Imagine you can give your website users a gift or rewards instantly. By doing this you also can boost your engagement. This is where gamification plugin becomes quite handy to have.

If you use it right, gamification will boost your engagement and a more enticing user experience. The best thing about it is you can use it for any kind of site. Isn’t that terrific!

What Does Gamification Mean?

In short, gamification is a function related to games. Remember when you get the reward, coins, or free upgrade in the games you played? What do you feel after you get those gifts? Yes! It seduces you to get deeper into the game.

By adding elements such as levels, points, and progress bars to non-gaming websites, you can provide users with a whole new experience.

By adding gamification to your community website, you can increase user engagement. In the long run, you can also provide users with some gaming experience. As a result, you can boost engagement, brand image, customer retention, implode sales, or present your content more attractively.

Why Gamification Plugin Benefits Your Community Sites?

When you play games, you will be thrilled and excited to be at a level or boss. That excitement is built by rewards such as points, badges, achievement rewards, or anything else.

Likewise, when you build a community site, you can give these elements to them. For instance, login, follow a course, post an article, answeri questions from other members, etc.

Gamification Plugin

Gamification in your community website works by motivating users to participate in preferred behaviors. It takes full advantage of human psychological tendencies towards games.

What makes it attractive to users is not the prize (like points or badges) but participation and recognition. So, gamification can be a powerful incentive to get users to participate in your community website.

Gamification Plugins in WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS used all around the globe. One of the unmistakable reasons is the convenience to add any plugins. So there is a good reason to combine gamification with WordPress.

The two most outstanding gamification plugins are Mycred and Gamipress. Both provide a wide range of support of WordPress sites, thus providing key elements to make the site more engaging.

Here are what you can get if you use these gamification plugins:

  • Achievement Recognition. You can give recognition for your users who subscribe for several months, buying products in a certain quantity, or for those who have become regular buyers. You decide!
  • Points can make your users feel recognized. It will help you to boost more engagement in the long run.
  • People love to compete, even in their daily lives. Our subconscious nature wants to feel like winning every time. The higher the position, the happier they are.
  • Easy to Customize. Mycred and Gamipress are easy to customize based on your needs. These two are suitable for event themes. They are also compatible with WordPress sites to give you a fascinating gamification experience.
  • Converts Point into Real Money. Everyone loves money. You can use these traits by giving them access to convert points, coins, awards, or any gamification elements into real money. Users who have accumulated some points can use the plugins add-on to redeem their money on the website.

Use Youzify to Escalate Mycred and Gamipress Features

There are ways to escalate features in Mycred and Gamipress. Furthermore, if you want to build engaging community sites. You must choose the number one plugin in the Envato market. The plugin itself is called Youzify.

Why must you add Youzify to add gamification? Is installing Mycred and Gamipress should be enough? The answer to those questions is; you need to install Youzify because it can help you switch between any gamification plugins.

Moreover, if you have very active community sites with a large number of users. It will be so much to do. Never miss any opportunities to give rewards. Remember, your users can leave your sites whenever they want if they feel your site has lost its charm.

That is why the integration of Mycred and Gamipress is paramount in the community sites world. Mycred and Gamipress integration is a game-changer. It changes the way of promoting a community, and if you have the chance to do it, you should use Youzify!

New Functions You Will Get in Youzify Which Integrates GamiPress/MyCred

Choosing between Gamipress or Mycred is for gamification plugin yours. Yes, it is also true if you want to pick just one plugin.

However, the best solution in the field is plugins capable of bringing together the best of both worlds. A plugin with a wide range of WordPress sites features. Plus fully customizable solution.

Youzify combines all the best-advanced features of the WordPress gamification plugin. It includes, at its core, all the features you need to implement a fully customizable gamification solution. Equipped with the ability to use gamification for other purposes. Youzify is a plugin which not just increases the traffic or increases the number of conversions.

Gamification Plugin

Here are new functions you will get inside Youzify:

  1. Point History Tab with Youzify Styling
  2. User balances widget on Profile Page
  3. User badges widget on Profile Page
  4. Show user badges on Members Card on Members Directory

Not only that, because Youzify teams keep improving to expend plenty of integration features. With Youzify, you will get constant progress and growth.


Gamification is an element that keeps your community members active, feels recognized and acknowledged. It also builds more connection between users and the site itself when they get rewards, points, or recognition These are the positive effects of gamification features.

You can get supreme benefits of gamification plugins by using Youzify. It integrates both Mycred and Gamipress plugins with full flexibility according to your needs.

Youzify is your best partner to build an enchanting community site!

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