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WordPress Community Plugin

WordPress community plugins are a vital element to grow your online community. Why? Because whatever your website type is – landing page, personal, or e-commerce – you want to engage your visitors.

Your brand will get boosted by community activities. Yes, you indeed need to give quality content. But forming many people who share interests can take your brand even further.

WordPress community plugins are available for you to fulfill your wish of having a great community website. Adding a community functionality is never as seamless as today.

More about Online Community

an online community is some group of people who interact and communicate using digital tools. They practice it via some channels such as chat, email, forums, or social networks.

Some of the well-known online community types are:

  • Social networks based on a specific niche
  • WordPress forums
  • Email newsletter for subscribers only
  • WooCommerce for subscribers only

Do you have any type of community in your mind? What kind of that? Before you start to build it, think about these considerations:

  • What kind of value do you offer to your members?
  • Can you describe what your purpose is in creating the community?
  • Do you want to make it a free or premium subscription community? Or do you want to mix the two worlds?
  • What kind of method will you use to generate new members?
  • What content will you create for your members?

WordPress Community Plugin That Power-Up Your Website

WordPress already has a robust system to use. It is the most comfortable CMS to use right now. No wonder it has gained enormous popularity among website owners around the globe.

All the basic functionality is already done by WordPress. Still, you can expand it beyond your expectations. This CMS has hundreds of plugins to choose from and install for any website type.

Considering you want to build an engaging sharing platform, you can use some WordPress community plugins below.

1. Youzify

WordPress Community Plugin

Youzify is the #1 BuddyPress plugin on Envato Market. Thousands of customers agree that it takes your online community to the next level.

This advanced and feature-rich plugin showcases your unique brand experience. It will immerse your users in a vibrant community of loyal and engaged customers to drive your business forward.

With a secure membership system and comprehensive membership features, unlimited profile widgets, and a powerful Ajax admin panel with 700+ options, Youzify is highly customizable and value for money.

Here are some exciting facts about why Youzify is the best WordPress community plugin:

  • Fully featured and free lifetime updates
  • Fully responsive design with great code quality
  • Highly customizable
  • Powerful Admin Panel – 9 Plans, 700+ Options
  • Secure Membership System – social login, advanced captcha, secure password after reset, a limitation for login attempts, privacy.
  • Unlimited features – color schemes, custom profile widgets, tabs and links, profile structure, ads on profiles, social icons, profile info fields, and much more
  • Integrations with MyCRED, bbPress, WooCommerce, Giphy, Mailchimp and Mailster
  • and more…

Youzify is presented for any website and business owners. The formula is simple; if you have an outstanding community, your business will reap all the benefits. Engage your users to become a part of your brand using excellent WordPress community plugins; Youzify!

2. Profile Builder Pro

WordPress Community Plugin

Another effective WordPress community plugin you can use is Profile Builder Pro. It is a helpful plugin to create detailed login forms plus all-around user profile pages.

Profile Builder Pro also gives you a member directory with full tools flexibility. Provides you access to add registration forms anywhere through your website.

Another handful of advantages inside this plugin are:

  • Listing pages and member directories on the front-end
  • Ease access to build multiple user registration forms
  • Multiple editing to profile forms
  • Map functionality
  • Able to make a custom login anywhere inside the sites
  • Ease to add shortcodes of profile or forms
  • User role editor available to set up or decide roles
  • WooCommerce sync
  • Social connect via social media
  • Extending BuddyPress user-profiles functionality
  • And more

3. BuddyPress

WordPress Community Plugin

BuddyPress is a fun and flexible WordPress community plugin. It is built for any form of group or interest. It is also an open-source plus free plugin that is available for you to transform WordPress sites into social networks. Packed with rich features and extensions, you will have the resources to create a jaw-dropping unique social community.

You can easily create a simple community from its flexibility. All features can be used with multiple communication methods. You are free to change any elements. From changing color schemes, detailed content management and so much more.

Another delightful feature inside BuddyPress:

  • Users direct messaging
  • List a friend, add or remove
  • Create a new group or join a group
  • Access to create forum threads or answering questions in it
  • Email notifications sign-up
  • This WordPress community plugin has a BuddyPress User Blog which allows you to give an ability to members to create their blogs.
  • BuddyPress assists you with iFlyChat. This is a chat functionality and integrates with the BuddyPress friend list.

4. bbPress

WordPress Community Plugin

Another magnificent WordPress community plugin is bbPress which gives you tools to create discussion forums. So your members can discuss anything inside your site. Which eventually will boost your traffic and engagement with rich user-generated content.

It is very lightweight and designed to be as fast as it can. You will not need to worry your website is slowing down. bbPress codes make it possible to be responsive with in-depth customization.

What you can find inside bbPress:

  • Multilingual in up to 11 languages
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme
  • More than 100 add-ons and templates
  • Private messaging
  • Notification customization
  • Put flags for inappropriate discussion board
  • User report

5. Paid Member Subscriptions

WordPress Community Plugin

If you want to enjoy revenues from members, then Paid Member Subscriptions might be a plugin you are looking for. It allows you to add membership functionality to any area of ​​your website, including your existing content, bbPress forums, and even WooCommerce products.

As an administrator, you have 100% control over the type of membership you choose to create. They can offer free plans as well as one-time or recurring paid plans.

Additionally, users can access their account to edit their account information and upgrade or downgrade their subscription plans.

With Paid Member Subscriptions plugins you can do these:

  • Decide member level to access premium content
  • Control or put some restrictions on post or page content
  • Control who has access to purchase your products
  • Access restriction to entering your entire WooCommerce
  • Discount for members who reach a certain subscription level

Adding premium functionality to your community is easy with this WordPress community plugin. You also can enjoy creating multiple subscription tiers if you feel the need to.


A WordPress community plugin can help you build an engaging online or social media platform. With its feature-rich features, you will have a chance to develop a robust community.

You don’t have to use every single plugin highlighted in the list above, but some may mix well together, so you can certainly use more than one.

So what plugin are you going to use?