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Facebook Reaction Features

Do you want to have a BuddyPress Activity Reactions Feature like Facebook? Why is a reaction into a post crucial? One of which is they can increase user engagement. Your user will also feel more connected with you.

Users not only want to give a like for a post. They also have a desire to give reactions. A few to mention, they would crave to give your post a ‘wow’ reaction, LOL, or even disappointment or sadness.

By giving them these features, your users will have more room to engage with you. You also will have more honest feedback from them. You can build a good website environment in which you and your users can grow together. Isn’t that fantastic!

Hidden Advantages from the Reactions Feature

You can find reactions feature on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media. For instance, LinkedIn gives a reaction button to give likes, love, celebration, insight, and curiosity.

Those social media get crucial advantages and benefit from these features. What advantages can you get if you install reaction features on your BuddyPress website? Here they are:

1. Better Insight of Users Reaction

Nowadays, ‘like’ buttons have lost their heyday. Website users want to give richer reactions than just a ‘thumbs up.’ You as a website owner will also benefit from it.

You have a deeper understanding of your user’s behavior. What do they like, what desires they have, what kind of post they hate, etc. You can have it all only with one click.

2. More Practical Mobile Experience

Almost everyone uses mobile phones today. Speaking of which, mobile users have a different attitude than desktop users. They would be going mobile from one place to another.

They want to give reactions while they commute on the bus or train. They want to laugh or give compliments while in the boarding room.

A simple click is everything they need.

3. Good For Marketing

Reactions featur can raise your brand visibility. This is a good sign for marketers.

With more available replies, it may attract more users to participate in the post. Which in turn can increase the brand’s impression, coverage, and online exposure.

4. Make a Better Strategy Plan

When you build a website, you need a good strategy to win the market. Activtiy reactions feature would be beneficial for any content manager.

Content managers can analyze responses to specific topics, language use, content perspectives, and writing styles. They have a better understanding of strategies that need to be taken.

This information can be used to test which content is effective. So you can reach any final goal you targeted to do.

5. You Make Your Users Feel Special

We are living in an over-saturated world now. A lot of people feel overwhelmed with hectic days. Sometimes we forget that we are still humans after all. So does your website user.

A rich reaction button can bring back humanity inside the digital world. Human touch inside the internet. Simple but heart-warming. Small steps which make your user feel special.

BuddyPress Activity Reactions
Image Credit: purecontent.com

What Kind of Plugin I Must Use To Get Reactions Feature?

If you have a BuddyPress-based website, you should add BuddyPress Activity Reactions. By installing this plugin, you will get all the benefits inside.

You can increase audience engagement by allowing users to express more feelings. Quickly and easy on each wall post. It will also help content creators understand what others think of their content.

This way, content managers have better insight into what kind of content they should create.

So, which plugin you must use to make a stunning website?

The answer is Youzify!

Youzify as the number one plugin on the Envato market gives you BuddyPress Activity Reactions plugins. By installing it your website users can give any reactions they want.

Youzify BuddyPress Activity Reactions Feature

What makes Youzify BuddyPress Activity Reactions special? Why must you use Youzify and not other plugins? Continue reading to get the answers

1. More Than 12 Default Emoji

When you use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or other social media, you only get a small amount of emojis.

On Youzify, you will get more than 12+ emojis you can add to your website. Those emoji are: Like, Love, Wow, Shy, Sad, Funny, Wink, Angry, Dead, Sleepy, Cute, Bored, Shock.

Keep in mind that these are only the default.

BuddyPress Activity Reactions

 2. Unlimited Custom Emoji

Is 12 plus emoji still not enough? No problem! Youzify gives you unlimited custom emoji.

Keep in mind this word; UNLIMITED.

Yes, you as a website owner can make custom Reactions Emojis as many as you like. No boundaries, no limitations.


This way, you have surpassed other social media who have only a few reactions or emojis. Your website will become unique in the eyes of your users.

Whatever your website audience target is, this custom emoji gives meaningful connections between users and your website.

What is the catch? You can get the freedom of emoji customization for only 28$! A great deal you can have only in Youzify.

Still, hunting for other great deals? Worry not! Because you can get a 20% DISCOUNT by contacting Youzify admin.

BuddyPress Activity Reactions

You also can get other features such as:

  • Enable/disable post-reaction.
  • Enable/disable comment response.
  • Synchronize the Buddypress Like button with one of the reactions.
  • Sync the Buddypress favorites tab with one of the reactions.
  • Change the order of emoji-title-image.
  • Fully Ajax.
  • Multi-site support.

How To Install Youzify BuddyPress Activity Reactions Plugins

Ready to have these rich features? Here are ways for you to install Youzify Reaction Features Plugin:

1. Buy and download the Activity Reactions For BuddyPress plugin from this link.

2. Extract the downloaded youzify-activity-reactions.zip file to the WordPress plugins folder yourhostname/wordpress/wp-content/plugins

3. Click the Upload Plugin button. Browse to the download file location, select the activity-reactions-for-buddypress.zip & install the plugin.

4. Click the Activate Plugin button to activate the Activity Reactions For BuddyPress plugin on your website. OR

5. To activate the plugin on your website site go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins and then click the Activate button for Activity Reactions For BuddyPress.

People love to give reactions on the internet. They want to not only give thumbs up. They also want to express themselves by showing love, curiosity, doubt, dislike, happiness, surprise, and other human reactions.

While there are only some emojis and reactions on popular social media, why not give your user more? You can add unlimited emojis and reactions icons for your users.

It will make your website more stunning, efficient, and engaging.

Install Youzify BuddyPress Activity Reactions Features Plugin now!

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