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BuddyPress Member Type

Adding member-type features is one way to make your website top-notch. As a website owner, you want to sparkle your website by giving your users the best features. One of the awesome services you can give is to add member-type features to your sites.

BuddyPress has released Member Type Features since its 2.2 version. By using these features, you cancan assign BuddyPress member types to its users.

For instance, you have football lovers’ community websites in which they have amazing loyalty to a football club. You can label or give them a certain member type. For instance, you categorize them as Manchester United Fans, Liverpool Fans, Barca Lovers, Madridista, and so on.

Or you have a website built for music lovers. You can add certain types to your members, such as Guitarist, Drummer, Pianist, Vocalist, and many more.

By using member-type features you can build an amazing platform for your user or member.

BuddyPress Member TYpe
With basic Member Type features, only admin that can assign Member Type to users. Image credit: BuddyPress

Even The Most Dazzling Member Type Features Have It Flaws

Beneath its advantages, there are still set-back on this BuddyPress default features. Here are some of them:

  • Members canโ€™t choose any type for themselves. Only admin can assign Member Type to users. This shortage can make your site’s users unhappy.
  • One member one type policy. Imagine you are forced to choose only one clothes type for a week. Not to mention if you have to do that for months. This is another gloomy deficiency of BuddyPress default features.
  • Member Type is not connected to WordPress Roles. This is crucial since WordPress has roles for Super Admin, Administrator, Author, Contributor, Editor, and Subscriber. Each of the Roles has its Capabilities.
  • No icons. There are no eye-popping icons for each member type on the Members Directory page.
  • Etc

Introducing Amazing BuddyPress Member Type Plugin by KaineLabs

After reading all the lack of default features, maybe you feel a little bitter. You wonder how you can build sparkling websites. Worry no more! Because KaineLabs has built features which you are longing.

BuddyPress Member Type by KaineLabs will bring your website to the next level. Discover unlimited possibilities you can get using this plugin. One of the most spectacular benefits of this plugin is its convenience.

You will have access to managed Member Type on your sites easily. How easy is it? You donโ€™t need coding or programming skills to use the plugin. Yes! You get it right!

Member BuddyPress Type

Your sites will reach the next top-level without having to write any single line of code.

If you need an advanced plugin that surpasses the default BuddyPress Member Type features, you have found the answer.

In other words, the best way to create and manage member types is using the BuddyPress Member Type plugin by KaineLabs. One of the exact reasons why is its categorization.

You can make more than one Member Type category. You also will have access to a different directory for each type of member.

Remarkable BuddyPress Member Type Features by KaineLabs

KaineLabs knows your necessity to build sparkling websites. For that reason, here are the features you can get:

1. Member Type Management

You can create, edit, and erase any Member Type hassle-free without writing a single line of code.

For instance, you want to assign any member to become more than one type. What you need to do is only click here and there. All of the processes will happen smoothly.

You will be able to do it efficiently based on your judgment and needs.

2. Multiple Member Types

Just like in our world, we all have multiple roles in society. We are children from someone, and we also become parents to our children. We are an uncle to our niece or nephew, a friend to someone, a lover, brother, sister, and so on. You can do all of those roles.

So does in the digital world like WordPress. There is a glorious demand that a website provides the same principle.

It is the reason why KaineLabs gives you a Multiple Member Types feature to build effective sites. By using this feature, any member can and will have more than one type. That is incredible flexibility you can give to your beloved users.

3. Syncing WordPress Roles with Member Type

There are certain types and roles in WordPress. Both can be combined and synced. Member Type Features by KaineLabs can synchronize and connect any Member Type and WordPress roles.

So anyone can be one type of member with a role. For instance, there is one member categorized as a chef on a cooking lovers website. This person can also be the Super Admin, Editor, or Contributor at the same time.

4. Members Have Access to Choose Their Member Type

KaineLabs provides access for your members to choose or change their member type. Anytime they please. You put Member Type Field on your sites and put it on the Registration Form or Account Settings section.

But how much authority will the members have? Chill and relax. Because KaineLabs also provides restriction features if you are unwilling a particular person to edit or choose their member type.

For an extra guarantee, you also can set a specific user for not choosing any member type.

BuddyPress Member Type

5. Display Member Type on Profile and Members Directory

These features allow displaying each user’s Member Type on User and Member Directory. Select which member types you want to be hidden or show in the Members Directory.

Having this kind of display will bring extra convenience for you and also all of your website users.

6. More Member Directory Display Advance Compared With BuddyPress Default

Not only will you be able to manage display on Members Directory, but also extra miles. A good display will soothe your eyes. When you are using KaineLabs, you can add a color icon into each Member Type filter.

It will make the Member Directory more notable by anyone who visits the page. Plus, you also will be able to customize any Member Type Directory slug.

A stirring fact is that the BuddyPress Member Types plugin is a stand-alone plugin. This plugin was also compatible with Youzify, BuddyPress Nouveau Theme, BuddyPress Legacy Theme, BuddyBoss Theme, or BuddyBoss Plugin.

Nevertheless, you will get supplementary powerful benefits and features if you integrate BuddyPress with Youzify. The exact reason Youzify brings you so many marvelous features which not owned by BuddyPress.

BuddyPress Member Type

By using Youzify, you can limit a typical Member Type. Youzify support team also provides you with custom snippets. This snippet can successfully run when you use Youzify.


BuddyPress has equipped by default with Member Type Features. The question is, are you want to build a marvelous website for your community and users? Are you going to stay still while your competitor has already used Youzify?

Take your step now! Start to add the Youzify Member Type Features Plugin by KaineLabs to spark your BuddyPress website!