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Have you ever thought that you can build your own social media? Usually, when you think about social media you will mention “regular” apps. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.

How about if you can build yours? A social media platform to make posts about your daily lives, send messages and connect with your friends and family.

WordPress is not only useful to build websites. Besides blogging, WordPress has so many advantages. In this article, you will know how to make social media using WordPress.

Why Do You Need to Build Your Own Social Media?

If we look at some hard facts on the internet, maybe you already know that social media is one of the most accessed apps. Social media has become part of our lives.

For example, try to look at Facebook. This social media app has been and is still used by 665 million users! This data is coming from Facebook only. The numbers will climb high if you include Twitter, Instagram, and other social media.

When you look at those numbers, don’t you want to be a part of it? Imagine your business or your brand have its social media platforms.

You can expect a good community that will help you build your brand. Your followers can interact with you without any boundaries! They can share their thoughts, comment, and you can answer back to them.

Maybe you will think that it will be so hard to build your social media. The fact is, it is not that hard. What about if you can build your own social media without any coding knowledge needed?

You can have your own platform only using the CMS we all loved; WordPress. WordPress is our best friend. From teenager until your grandmother in her 60’s can use this CMS.

How to Build Your Own Social Media

Where To Get Started

Keep in mind that you don’t need any degree or specific certification to build your own social media using WordPress. Since it is the easiest platform with all plugins you can use to build any website you need.

So, some knowledge about hosting and domain won’t hurt. It is a piece of basic knowledge and you can find any source to it easily on the internet.

Plugins To Build Your Own Social Media

WordPress is largely known for its flexibility to manage. There are a lot of plugins you can install to build your own websites based on your preference and style.

So does when you want to build your own social media for your company or personal branding.

Here are the basics:

Change Your WordPress Become Social Media Using BuddyPress

Some people see BuddyPress as “a box of social networking.” These opinions are based on all of the features BuddyPress has. One of those features is full control of your sites. These are important when you want to build your own social media.

How to Build Your Own Social Media

BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin that helps you create and manage social networks. So users can interact and communicate in a very intuitive way with each other.

BuddyPress is a plugin which can add specific features. Not only that, you are also able to mix and match these features to customize the network according to your requirements.

It turns your WordPress site into a social network, which allows you to build your own online social media.

Some of those features are:

  • Flexibility for users to create profiles
  • Provide private messages for users to communicate directly
  • Users able to make friends with other users
  • Users able to form new specific groups
  • Users will get notifications and emails based on their settings
  • Etc

BuddyPress is a plugin you want to have to build your own version of ideal social media. Specifically when you got bored by social media out there. You want your own! So, there you can have it!

Turn BuddyPress Become More Powerful Social Media Tools Using Youzify

BuddyPress is the first step towards your social media platform made by you. After you install it, you need other plugins which have the capability to build community sites.

If you are looking for a rich social media plugin with a strong sense of community building, Youzify is your best choice.

Youzify, the number one plugin on Envato Market has thousands of customers who agree this plugin can bring your community to a higher level. This advanced plugin can showcase your brand uniqueness.

Moreover, it has the power to build a loyal dynamic community with engaged customers in which will propel your business further ahead.

Youzify is so easy to customize and also includes so many free features. You can get more when you upgrade your package. In short, this plugin is a plugin that every website needs.

How Will Youzify Help You To Build Your Own Website?

How to Build Your Own Social Media

Youzify haves Community Social Features which will be beneficial for your social media. In this way, Youzify provides all the social media features needed to keep your users engaged. Your user will get involved with you by sharing whatever they think, see, or experience.

The unique selling point of any social media is how to grow an active community. That’s where Youzify is the game-changer.

With this plugin you can leverage exposure, social marketing, and also your revenue will have a big chance to increase to the top of the game.

What does Youzify offer? Here are some important features for you:

  • You can’t mention a social media platform without any “wall” in it. Youzify provides a social wall that lets its users share images, videos, and so on.
  • Connect to Friend. Users will be able to accept or remove friends. They also can send invitations to connect with anyone.
  • Follow or Unfollow. Just like those already known social media, users can select anyone they want to follow. So does the opposite. If they feel uncomfortable with an account, unfollow features are also provided.
  • Manage and Create a Group. Anyone who shares a common interest has access to create a group. They are also able to appoint a person to manage the group as administrators or moderators.

Youzify still has so many features related to its social media features. The main point is if you are looking for a WordPress plugin to build your own social media, BuddyPress + Youzify is your best choice!

These dynamic duos are enough to make your social media platform user-friendly, easy to use, and become the most engaging platform. Which can lead to more sales or brand awareness.

You can build the social media you have been dreaming of. Pet lovers, football fans, music lovers, celebs gossip, food enthusiasts, or anything you want to build.

Social media has already become part of our life. That’s why you need to build your own social media. There will be a broader room to expand and increase your brand awareness.

When you build social media, you also provide a place for your community or users to engage, interact and share anything they like. You only need basic knowledge to build social media and let Youzify or other plugins do the rest.

Build your own social media now!