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Maybe all of you already know WordPress as one of the most well-known CMS in the world. By that fact, no wonder internet users worldwide are eager to wait for the latest development of WordPress.

The wait is over. Meet Joséphine as the newest WordPress 5.9!

WordPress – the largest CMS worldwide – keeps coming with its new features and development. By using WordPress, you have entered the world of magnificent content building. WordPress is economical, practical, and precise to build any digital needs.

So, what is inside the newest WordPress 5.9?

Meet Joséphine First

Before we dig into the newest WordPress 5.9, meet with Josephine, shall we? There is a reason why WordPress chose this beautiful name for its latest version.

The name Joséphine is in honor of the famous international jazz singer Joséphine Baker. Joséphine Baker believes that all people can live in harmony, just as the different instruments in a jazz band come together to form a complete piece. That is why this beautiful name pops up if you think of the word “civil rights”.

She is a civil rights campaigner who wants to build a better world. Place where we live in harmony.

Her ethos aligned with WordPress. WordPress aspires to provide the best in the digital world and together build a better online world. By using WordPress, you can collaborate, communicate, and share any common interests with anyone in the world on an equal footing.

Sneak Peek Inside WordPress 5.9

Excited to explore WordPress 5.9? You better! Because you will find full site editing access inside the newest WordPress 5.9. Not only that. There are other additional features for you. Those features are:

  • New default block theme
  • Personal paintbox
  • Updates on block control
  • Ease to manage complex document

There you go! Those are some of the best features you can get inside WordPress 5.9. Still curious about these new exciting developments? Don’t leave yet because we will discuss it more in this article.

New Default Block Theme

WordPress 5.9

It is the year 2022, and you should welcome to the new default WordPress block theme called; Twenty Twenty Two!

Twenty Twenty Two is not just a new default theme. It is a whole new way to use WordPress themes.

In this new block theme in one place, you can set Twenty Two theme with the same look and feel as the rest of your materials. Changing your website in another direction you want will also be easier than ever.

Block themes give you a variety of visual choices right in your hands. From color schemes and font combinations to page templates and image filters. All from the site editor.

Once you install WordPress 5.9, you can find it instantly. Not only this newest theme but there are also other installed themes where you can freely choose to use.

Customizer No More

WordPress 5.9

Wait, what? Maybe you are a little shocked when you read those lines. Is it true you will not need a customizer anymore? The answer is a BIG YES!

When you use any new themes inside WordPress 5.9, you will no longer need the customizer. Instead, you have all the power of the styled interface in the site editor.

Just like in Twenty Twenty Two, you can build the look and feel of your website using a site editor. You can use the tools you need to work in a fluid interface.

This way you can spare your time to do other things. Building a website using WordPress 5.9 will be a great experience more than ever!

New Navigation Block

WordPress 5.9

One of the mesmerizing features inside this most used CMS is in the navigation block. This block will help your job to edit, manage and make changes to your sites easier.

Inside the navigation block, you will find a collection of boxes. These boxes will allow visitors to get around your website. You have access to manage the layout, display, and other elements.

The new navigation block gives you two flexibility: an always-on responsive menu or a menu that adapts to the screen size used. The best of it is your choice will be remembered! All put in the database.

Not only that, inside 5.9, you can move between sections more easily. You only need to click an item to move it up or down using ListView in your toolbar.

Improvement in the navigation block also gives you better social buttons and icons. For instance, the difficulty of access to child blocks buttons has been resolved.

Understandable Language Settings for User

Your multiple languages user will be pleased to find these features inside your sites. It is because they can choose the language they prefer.

5.9 equipped with a language switcher. This switcher can be found during login. So if you have multiple languages ​​on your WordPress site, users can choose their preferred language on the login screen.

With these features, your sites can be customized more freely by anyone around the globe whether they are an admin or regular user.


WordPress, the largest CMS in the world keeps improving to bring the latest technology and user experience. To answer the demands of digital needs, WordPress has launched its newest version called “Josephine.”

This newest WordPress 5.9 version brings you the latest improvement to build your site. To maximize your experience using WordPress 5.9, select Youzify as your plugins. Youzify is an amazing tool to build engaging community sites, social media, or other forms of sites.

As the number one plugin in the Envato Market, Youzify combined with WordPress 5.9 becomes a must-have amazing dynamic duo to enhance your website.

Ready to build user-friendly websites? Choose Joséphine, the newest WordPress 5.9 combined with Youzify now!

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