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Community Website

Community websites do not belong to businesses only. It also gives a splendid benefit for education service. If you are running any kind of education, you need to power it up with community websites for students.

A community website is needed to build not only your brand. You can engage your audience, push them to give you user-generated content, and build a nice online environment. They can share anything with the community members.

Online communities aren’t just channels for customer support. Online communities consist of real people who make real connections. It’s invaluable for brands to engage in this type of relationship building. Here they can build trust over time, which in turn creates loyalty.

To build top-notch community sites there are options to use BuddyPress combined with number one community plugins in the Envato Market; Youzify. With these two applications on your hands, you are good to go.

The Reason Why You Need an Astounding Community Website For Students Now

Since the pandemic, e-learning has become a common custom. On the other hand, there is a downdraft from remote learning:

  • Isolate student. Students learn from home when remote learning. On the other hand, it creates a gap between students and their teachers. Lack of physical touch and face-to-face communication can build an atmosphere of isolation.
  • There are only minimum direct responses between students and teachers. Lack of direct interaction might be very demotivating.
  • Difficulties to Follow Proper Technology. Those who are less familiar with the latest forms of technology may find it hard to cope with e-learning methods. More than that, the lack of a proper internet connection can prevent students from having a smooth class.

By seeing those downsides, a community website for students will give an impact by providing a social learning platform.

What Can Community Website for Students Brings

The most extraordinary benefit of a community website for students is it enables social learning.

A community website for students will bring many students together. Students can learn together with communities and create a healthier relationship among students.

They can learn better and use this platform to communicate within the community and share ideas. It is because the cognitive environment grows inside the website.

Community websites also help improve student retention. Students will also join the program in their second year once they feel connected and attached to the community.

Another adorable benefit from community websites for students is lower stress levels. It can happen because there is no more feeling of isolation. They begin to be motivated instead. In the end, it will boost their confidence level and reach a higher result.

How To Build a Community Website For Students?

The easiest way to build a community website for students is by engaging with WordPress. WordPress is more than a platform to develop a website. It is also a complete content management system.

Here you will be able to get a fully customizable and functional website. However, to build a stunning community website, you will need to install some magnificent plugins.

1. Youzify

Youzify turns your website into a compelling social platform. Youzify can unleash the power of crowds. It is a perfect tool to gain maximum benefit from social learning.

The secure membership system and comprehensive membership functions are one advantage inside Youzify. Youzify is highly customizable with unlimited profile widgets. Youzify also offers a powerful Ajax admin panel with over 700 options. The best part is, all these features are free.

This way, it will unleash the potential of social learning inside a community website for students.

2. BuddyPress

BuddyPress is one of the best plugins available for designing community websites. Enjoy seamless integration of all social networking features into your community website.

3. Reign BuddyPress

Community Website

Reign BuddyPress is one such WordPress theme with built-in support for eLearning plugins.

The theme is retina-ready and combined with a powerful options panel. Where you can customize every theme aspect. It also includes several community features.

By using this plugin, it will be handy to use for social learning. Not only comfortable for students’ eyes, but it also makes your website easy to customize.

4. LifterLMS

LifterLMS enables you to create a very flexible platform for online learning. When you use this plugin, it lets you create your training programs and present your courses in front of your audience in an organized manner. You can also create membership sites using LifterLMS.

5. LearnDash Toolkit

Community Website

This plugin gives you a set of tools to develop your one-of-a-kind e-learning sites. It will help you a great hand to make a successful social learning platform.

This plugin provides many great features for online learning. From a front-end login, a LearnDash Resume Button, and other wonderful features.

Final Words About Community Website For Students

Pandemic has changed our face of education. Online learning is becoming our next step. Not only teachers but also students do remote learning.

To face those backdrafts, you need to build a community website for students. Community sites help you build a healthy social learning environment. A place where students can observe and learn each other’s behavior, and the impact will be high motivation and results.

You will need to build a community website for students if you are involved in a learning environment or school business.