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BuddyPress Privacy

Safety is something everybody is looking for. Not only in real life but also when we surf or use the internet. To keep your users or customers feeling safe, protect your website using the BuddyPress privacy features available.

There are many reasons why people join an online community. For instance, maybe you want to get involved in social causes, look for support, find information, or anything.

You might be interested in building a connection with a brand or joining a group of people who share an interest. No matter your reason, the main concern is how safe is the online environment?

It is important to note that privacy-conscious social media users are always concerned about the privacy of their profiles.

Don’t forget that your online community can only reach its success if your community members enjoy interacting on your website without worrying about their privacy. This encourages them to be wholeheartedly active on your social community site.

What is The Importance of Privacy Features?

Privacy features are needed to protect a community website from spam or unauthorized users. As you might know, a website dedicated to a community will have enormous traffic of information and users.

To combat spam and other online vulnerabilities, you need to incorporate some privacy controls into your community site.

These privacy features can help you reduce spam activity on your website, limit unauthorized access to community member data, and hide information from logged-out users.

To build a mesmerizing community platform, you need WordPress and BuddyPress. All BuddyPress site owners can take advantage of many features that make your BuddyPress site a safe community site.

Meet With BuddyPress Privacy Features

Some crucial BuddyPress systems can protect you from annoying users or abusive behavior inside an online community.

Those plugins are:

Above are the plugins you need to enjoy great privacy features using WordPress and BuddyPress.

Now is the time to break it down.

1. BuddyPress Block Members

BuddyPress Privacy

Even if you have set your community to be as safe as possible, there is always a chance of some account or person who brought their abusive attitude. Before they go too far, you have to control them.

On the other hand, you will not be able to control each one of your members if your community has expanded. Imagine you keep checking on them one by one. What a waste of time!

The solution is you can use BuddyPress Block Members to save your time. Let the members deal with disputes themselves.

By using this plugin, your members are allowed to block abusive users. They decide which person can interact with them.

It allows you to apply quite many kinds of restrictions to block members. You can also apply restrictions to blocked users. So you can control your blocking system entirely.

In addition, it provides an administration table to manage all blocking operations among members on the site.

With less than $30, you can enjoy privacy features from BuddyPress Block Members for your single site. If you have so many websites, there is a package to handle unlimited sites for only $99!

2. BuddyPress Membership Restrictions

BuddyPress Privacy

You can add more privacy features to your community website by filtering which members have exclusive access. This will give restrictions to other users to enter more private pages.

The plugin you are searching for is BuddyPress Membership Restrictions. This plugin gives restrictions to content. For instance, not all visitors can see or access some pages or posts on the website.

Users can have full control of their website. They can decide what kind of restrictions are given to visitors. You can use the BuddyPress Membership Restriction plugin with any paid membership plugin on the market.

Some of the privacy features in this plugin are:

  • Global restriction setting
  • Restrictions for non-logged-in users or visitors
  • Restrict users based on roles
  • Custom redirect page dedicated for visitors, members, or based on user role
  • Error messages customizing

Occupied with other beneficial restrictions, you will have spectacular ammunition for privacy features. It provides you component restrictions, page, and activity restrictions.

Moreover, if you have a large group, this plugin gives restrictions to set requirements before creating a new group.

It also allows you to manage messages restrictions, friendships, following, up to Youzify profile widget restrictions.

Another piece of information you should know is this plugin can only be used with BuddyPress, but some features require the following plugins:

  • Follow restrictions need the BuddyPress Followers plugin.
  • Youzify Restrictions will need the Youzify plugin.

3. BuddyPress Moderation

BuddyPress Privacy

To take control of your community and keep it safe, you need to tweak your website. Moderation is a must!

For this, you need automatic auditing features and restrictions. The plugin you are looking for is BuddyPress Moderation.

One of its main features is moderating the components inside a community. For example, members, comments, messages, or groups. For instance, you can set what roles can make report items and moderating reports.

You also can block specific members from reporting items, allowing visitors and report elements and such.

BuddyPress Moderation also gives you choices to enable or disable reports by BuddyPress Components.

Moderation is needed to filter any abusive behavior. Those unwanted acts such as scams, misleading information, hate speech, or violence can be handled by BuddyPress Moderation.

The plugin also contains privacy features that limit a member to comments.

For example, a person has been reported more than five times. When the limit has been passed, they will be hidden from the site. They can be seen again after a moderator review.

BuddyPress Moderation has a wide operation to put some threshold. When a certain number of reports are done, You can select items to hide before viewing the reported items. For example, turn off the ability to add new posts, comments, friends, private messages, etc.

There are still so many BuddyPress privacy features you can explore here. With less than $50, you will get magnificent plugins to protect you from unwanted behavior online.


Creating a safe online environment will secure all community members’ data and keep them away from toxic users. A healthy platform makes your community members engaged and comfortable with your brand. It also helps manage your brand’s online reputation.

Do not wait too long! Grab your privacy features now!

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