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Even on the brink era of Artificial Intelligence, human workers are vital in business. You will not lose the job listing section from the news portal soon. Job recruiting activity will keep expanding and progressing. Why not create your job portal?

The human resources sector has a great potential for revenue inside. Since every kind of business needs a human worker, and every human – including you – needs a job. We are not talking about the difference between freelancing, becoming an employee, or managing your own business.

The baseline is, that human resources are a treasury, things sometimes ignored. There is a large market in this field. Companies might not have enough resources to find the right staff. Also, not everyone can find the best job or company willing enough to check on each person.

It might be the best time for you to create your job portal. If you are ready, here are some tips you should do:

1. Pick a Niche to Introduce Your Job Portal

You need to realize that there are already big fish in the pond. Competing with Indeed or Monster is not an easy task. But there is always something you can do.

Take a look at Indeed. More than 200 million visitors are making their way into Indeed. What about if you can get only 5% of one niche? You will get a 10 million target market!

The key is in choosing something you are already good at. After that share your knowledge related to it. By that means, you can target your local community or focus on a specific industry.

Considering the competition, you should establish the more narrow one first and slowly expand it more.

2. Find a Name For Your Job Portal (A Good One)

After you decide what your niche is, now it is time to find a name for your job portal website. An excellent name is a name that can resemble the main niche of your business.

You can find a good name from your industry term or some profession or job title. For instance, you have a niche for web designers. You can pick popular terms from it.

Your job portal can pick a name such as โ€˜Drop nโ€™ Drag,โ€™ โ€˜Designatedโ€™ or anything else.

The more your name tells consumers about your business, the better. Some key points to consider when choosing your name are:

  • Choose a name that is reassuring, familiar, or emotional. To which the customer can relate emotionally.
  • Choose a name that primarily appeals to the type of customers you want to attract.
  • Avoid confusing names.

Job Portal

3. Acquire a Reliable Hosting and Domain

There are two main things if you want to build a website. One is a domain. Second, hosting. Without these two, you will not be able to build any website.

In simple terms, hosting is the location or space. It is where your website occupies the internet. If the field is inefficient, you will suffer greatly.

The hosting you choose is vital to your business. Reliable web hosting is an essential part of building a website.

A domain name is the address of your website. It should specifically contain your company name and be short and sweet.

Same as your address in real life, a domain is the same as your street address. But, there is no meaning when people come to your address and find nothing.

This is the reason why hosting is vital. It shares the same principle as the land or area where your house stands.

4. Set Up Your Job Portal on WordPress

The next step is to choose WordPress.org as your Content Management System or CMS.

WordPress is the most well-known CMS in the world. You have nothing to worry about even if you have no coding knowledge.

Since WordPress does not need complicated coding at all. You can pick any theme or plugin most conveniently.

After you pick WordPress, now you can install Jobmate as your site theme. Jobmate is a trustworthy Job Manager Theme that provides you with anything you need from a job portal.

You can create your own online job search platform. It will unlock the value of the audience with all the necessary work details. Details include job description, location, type, etc., with an “Apply for Job” button.

Ultimately, you can create new revenue streams for your business and sustain your community in the long run.

Job portal

5. Installing Youzify

Inside a job portal site, it is crucial to give users a place where they can share any information, knowledge, tips, or any kind of information about jobs. A good website for job seekers is when it provides a forum or a place where the community can grow.

A remarkable online community will also boost your job portal position in search engines. When your community is active, the engagement will also increase. Those will be the traffic source.

To present them with a great place to share, you should install Youzify. Youzify is the number one community plugin in the Envato Market. With this plugin, you will experience how easy it is to build a terrific community inside your job portal.

A great community is not only beneficial for your user. It also brings advantages for you as the site owner. It is a win-win solution by simple means!

Not only will you be able to build a community for job seekers. Your job portal can also become social media for job hunters. They can give likes, share, comment, add and remove accounts just like other social media platforms.

Community Website


There are non-stop demands for new or experienced workers all around the globe. Even now, after the digital world or Artificial Intelligence keeps expanding, there will always be numerous requests for human resources supply.

That is why creating your job portal is still a great deal. Whenever there is a human, there are jobs to do. Pick a niche, craft catchy names, and set up domain and hosting.

When you get there, use WordPress plus a job manager theme. Complete it with Youzify to build a mesmerizing community for job hunters and seekers anywhere!

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