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There are no words other than thank you to show our gratitude to you. With your participation, you make Youzify come this far. You, our partner, and users are the number one reason we keep improving to give you the best we can.

As you all know, Youzify is the #1 BuddyPress plugin on Envato Market. With thousands of customers agreeing that it can take your online community to a new level.

You, along with thousands of other users, have trusted us to become your partner. We grow together because we believe that when we want to go far, we must go together.

On our side, Youzify transforms your website into a powerful, effective, and compelling social hotspot, and unleashes the power of the crowd to drive an unprecedented return on investment. Added to your vision, skills, and ambition, we have built so many online communities which are suitable for all of your needs.

Youzify Pro Version Struck 7000+ Sales

What makes Youzify come this far is its credibility. You can see it from the numbers of sales Youzify has got for its pro version. We happily announce that the Youzify pro version has struck a 7000+ sale number! While you are reading this, the numbers keep climbing up.

It can be understandable since this is the era of community. Everyone in the world needs a place to express their identity. Thus so many people are trying to find the most appropriate community.

Just in case you wonder why Youzify can get this kind of sales, here are another reason why. It has so many premium features. Here are the premium features you can get:

  • Advanced poll
  • Advanced tab
  • Advanced bookmark
  • Premium share posts
  • Friends tagging
  • Advanced sticky note
  • Advanced GIF comment
  • Advanced Senior Opinion Survey
  • Comment attachment
  • Message attachment
  • Advanced Real-time notification
  • Post mood and activities
  • Post privacy (public, only me, friends, members)
  • Etc

By using Youzify pro versions, you can build compelling community websites. Not only that, but you also can change your sites to become future social media! By adding so many features, your users will stay with you as long as they want them to.

Free Yourself with Youzify Free Version

Youzify has the flexibility to give you more than enough free accessibility to use. You don’t have to be a premium user only to enjoy the rich features of Youzify.

You can download and use Youzify without spending any money. Youzify is free to use and available anytime. Youzify is a highly customizable plugin. It includes enormous premium features benefits for FREE. Enjoy richer community participation, more brand exposure, increased sales, and accelerated innovation.

Just like its pro version, there have been 7000+ active installations of Youzify all across the globe. Those numbers are a clear sign that users like you have trusted Youzify to become a partner to build community sites.

According to the trend and the demand for feature-rich plugins, we are sure the number of downloads will keep going uphill.

Youzify Five Star Review

Social proof is one indicator of credibility. We are also thankful that Youzify gains so many positive reviews on the net.

Up until today, there have been 622 reviews, which give Youzify 4.99 ratings. It means that from the 622 reviews, 99% of them give Youzify 5 star reviews!

These data come from official Envato where Youzify playing fields are on WordPress. By its flexibility and compatibility with BuddyPress, Youzify gained a strong reputation from WordPress users.

It is also good news for Youzify. The reason is that it shows that the plugin is becoming more and more popular. Also, the customers it has acquired are more satisfied with Youzify than any other plugin on WordPress BuddyPress-based sites.


Thank you, to make Youzify come this far. With more than 7000+ active installations on the free version plus 7000+ sales on the pro version, we believe that all of us can grow compelling community websites.

We are here to help you to build a better community and build a better online world together.