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BuddyPress Gallery Plugin

Do you have a community site and looking for a gallery to collect all of your users’ moments? You are in the right place! These are the top 4 greatest BuddyPress gallery plugins you can use.

Ok, so you already have your community websites. With all the features you need, and you also have checked the SEO settings. Everything is looking enormously good. Right?

The answer is still vague. Why? Because your users need more features with media compatibility. They eventually will crave features to upload any media they got in their pocket.

Moreover, if you want to build sites with similar concepts like social media. Easy access to manage the gallery is a must-have component.

Here are the top 4 greatest BuddyPress gallery plugins you should use. We start from the top. In the first position we have…

1. BuddyPress Advanced Albums by Youzify

BuddyPress gallery Plugin

Youzify is the number one plugin on the Envato market which has so many functions and undeniable utility.

The greatest news is, now Youzify has launched a new plugin to manage, create and build galleries on your community sites. One of the unique things is the full control Youzify offers.

Yes, you can take a full charge to control the system of your gallery album. Users can assign images, audio, videos, and files to albums.

They also have access to upload custom media. In addition, they can contribute to other members’ albums in the same group.

With all of those superiorities, here are other advantages you can get if you are using BuddyPress Advanced Albums by Youzify:

  • Compatible with Youzify, BuddyPress, and BuddyBoss
  • You can edit, delete and create new albums.
  • Support any media type such as image, videos, audio, and files
  • You can set the privacy of profile or group albums. Safety is a priority! You are the one who chooses which one goes to the public, friends, members or only you who can access it.
  • You also will have access to set different rules for profile and groups albums.
  • Settings of the album creation restrictions. These features includes; max albums/hour, max album/day, max album/month. You have access to set up a max album per year for each account.

2. MediaPress

BuddyPress Gallery Plugin

Another BuddyPress Gallery Plugin solution you can choose is MediaPress. MediaPress supports the BuddyPress photo gallery, video gallery, audio, and last but not least, the BuddyPress documents gallery.

MediaPress is open source and can be used for free. It is lightweight and designed to scale with your social networking sites.

So obviously, if you are looking for a lightweight and feature-rich BuddyPress Media Gallery solution that will provide your users with a pleasant experience, try MediaPress.

It is reliable, expandable, safe, and flexible. It has a modular architecture that makes it easier for developers to extend while keeping the code easy to maintain.

So if in any chance you are a developer, here are some intriguing things you can do only with a small amount of code:

  • Different storage manager settings such as local uploads and cloud storage
  • Support new media type
  • Access to write customized media loop
  • Access for you to write your custom gallery loop

MediaPress offers a wide range of addons for free and also paid versions. The developer of this plugin is open to helping. You can use BuddyDev forums to reach out to them.

They welcomed any contributions to developing this young BuddyPress gallery plugin. Since it set off from a community project.

3. rtMedia

BuddyPress Gallery Plugin

The next greatest BuddyPress Gallery Plugin which will make your users ecstatic is rtMedia. rtMedia is compatible with BuddyPress, WordPress, and bbPress plugins. They claim it is the complete solution for media management on your websites.

It allows your users to upload media with privacy control for the album, upload media into the status updates, and add featured media to cover photos. Plus rtMedia is 100% responsive to mobile devices.

All functions are accessible with BuddyPress integration. Remember, if you want to use bbPress or BuddyPress, all integrations need to activate the BuddyBoss platform to work.

You do not need to install the BuddyPress plugin for the bbPress plugin separately, since the BuddyBoss platform can replace these two plugins.

The BuddyBoss platform supports any plugins developed for BuddyPress and bbPress.

4. NEXTGEN – WordPress BuddyPress Gallery Plugin

BuddyPress Gallery Plugin

NEXTGEN Gallery is a gallery plugin that offers a handy photo gallery. But behind its simplicity, this plugin is backed up with power intense enough for visual artists, photographers, and imaging professionals.

NEXTGEN gained its popularity supported by the fact it has reached quite enormous download numbers. These plugins have more than 800,000 active installations and continue to receive more than 1.5 million new downloads every year. It has been popular since 2007 and has always been the industry standard WordPress Gallery plugin.

If you are looking for a powerful yet modest gallery plugin, NEXTGEN is the answer.

NextGEN offers two album styles; compact and extended. Plus three main gallery styles. Namely slideshow, thumbnail, image browser gallery.

All these styles provide different types of purpose, such as setting transition, timing, delay, size, etc. You can find these on the front end.

At the same time, on the backend, NextGEN provides a complete WordPress gallery management system. Which can upload photos in batches, metadata import, sort, add, delete, rearrange, and edit thumbnails, add group galleries into albums, etc.


Adding media, such as photos, videos, or any kind of files is a handy tool you want to give to your users. As for your BuddyPress-based sites, you need to use BuddyPress Gallery Plugin for the convenience of your users.

In this article, there are the top four BuddyPress Gallery Plugins. You can use these plugins to enhance the experience and simplicity of managing galleries.

One of the best options for BuddyPress Gallery Plugins is Youzify. The biggest reason you must use BuddyPress Advanced Albums by Youzife is definite. Your users can assign images, audio, videos, and files of their activities to albums. In addition, they can contribute to other albums in the group members.

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