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User Registration Plugins

The obvious way to make your website more active is by encouraging your visitor to register and having a profile on it. A user-friendly website and easy-to-navigate are among the basic requirement, and user registration plugins are all you need the most.

Having this plugin on your WordPress site will ease your visitor to signup and manage their account without having difficulties. As a website owner, you have more than a chance to create a custom login and registration form with a simple setup.

Though, with the abundant number of user registration plugins and their features, the chance is that you get confused to pick the suitable one. This list will help you to tackle the first obstacle when looking for it.


User Registration Plugins


  • Posting form
  • Admin panel
  • Redirect page
  • Profile Builder
  • Built-in theme
  • Custom user role
  • Content restriction
  • Various shortcodes
  • Registration form template


  • Live preview
  • Custom post
  • Layout option
  • Responsive design
  • Custom field and form

This could be the simplest user registration plugin you ever found. Youzify is an exact solution for every website owner who focuses on simplicity and systematic method of user registration. You won’t find any difficulty or complexity while using the plugin due to the intuitive design.

It has standard and advanced features which make them suitable for beginner and experienced users. Youzify is built for a social website that specialized in handling community and managing members once for all.

Various forms are available to customize the registration form and login page. The function includes an auto-login option, password strength meter, password change, log-out, etc.

Youzify is undoubtedly the best user registration plugin these days. What you need is only a few clicks to create a perfect registration and login page.

WP User Manager

User Registration Plugins


  • Bilingual
  • Mailchimp
  • Social login
  • Shortcode and module
  • Many features are available for free


  • User-friendly
  • Simple directory and database
  • Content restriction and redirect

WP User Manager is a well-known plugin for its simplicity and minimalistic system. This user registration plugin will help you to do a basic setup when creating a registration form together with a custom field. It’s great for website owners who prefer a customizable blank sheet.

The frontend is easy to manage, the directory is highly functional and modern, while the custom widget will ease you to arrange the block in a short time. Again, this could be the simplest plugin to create user registration without giving difficulty to the visitor.

Add more with various features that are available for free such as a custom redirect, SEO URLs, and content restriction. All will make you save more time when you try to implement the user registration form.

3. Profile Builder


  • Edit user role
  • User login widget
  • Content restriction
  • Support reCAPTCHA
  • Shortcode availability
  • Add, edit, and manage extra field


  • Admin bar panel
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to display form

Considered as the most advanced user registration plugin, it must be admitted, Profile Builder is not for everyone. It has a complex user interface among the others, which may not be easily well-operated by a beginner. Bur for an advanced user, it’s worth trying.

Profile Builder is a powerful user registration plugin that is available for free and paid versions. It has a comprehensive feature with multiple blocks and orders. Though, there are shortcodes that will ease you to create the front-end login form, user registration field, and edit user profile.

A list of shortcodes is available to pick and use, add more with content restriction feature, strength meter, email confirmation, admin approval, minimum password length, etc.

4. Ultimate Member


  • SEO optimized
  • Conditional logic
  • Custom user role
  • Custom form field
  • Member directory
  • Content restriction
  • Front-end user profile


  • Bundled by various features
  • Advanced color and design option

This is another plugin that will help you to create a user-friendly website, meaning your visitor can register effortlessly. Using Ultimate Member to build a custom form field is easy because it is fully customizable to meet your preference.

Ultimate Member is available both in a free and paid version. Even with the free one, you have a wide range of functions and tools that you needed the most. It’s a brilliant plugin for a fast-growing website with different blocks and elements arrangements.

With so many features that they brought, it can be said that Ultimate Member is a complete page builder plugin. Having this plugin will allow you to build a beautiful user profile, front-end user registration, and login form through a powerful dashboard.

5. Registration Magic


  • Custom user role
  • Payment support
  • Email notification
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Magic popup button
  • Realtime form editor
  • Mailchimp registration


  • Perfect security
  • Form style and layout option
  • Extended function and feature

As a free user registration plugin, Registration Magic provides various features and functions which will ease you to create a customizable registration form and replace the default WordPress login form. You can build either a simple or complex registration page without experiencing difficulty.

This plugin offers a detailed look for visitor statistics via the admin dashboard. It’s equipped with a content restriction feature along with a payment option. The shortcode offers you the simplicity to create a custom field by performing a copy-paste in the custom pages.

Since this plugin is a bit complex and full of an extended feature, a beginner is not advised to use the custom setup.

6. User Registration

User registrations Plugin


  • CSV data export
  • Custom endpoint
  • Email notification
  • Extended login field
  • Front-end profile page
  • Google reCAPTCHA V2


  • Password meter
  • Extra custom field
  • Responsive registration form
  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Multiple grids, columns, and rows

It could be the simplest user registration plugin on this list, yet rich functions and features. If simplicity is your main focus, User Registration could be the best answer. The shortcode builder allows you to build a customizable login form from the scratch.

Count more with the front-end profile feature, your member will happily to view and manage their profile in an easy way. From the admin bar, you can easily drag and drop any field to create a registration page. In other words, it’s a complete combination of profile builder and user registration plugin.

So, Which Registration Plugins Is Best?

Well, it depends on various considerations, especially since every user registration plugins are not equally created. The wisest thought is to use a plugin that offers a different setup: easy when you don’t have time, and complex when you need to be serious. All is wrapped up on Youzify.

This plugin will do the most basic task in creating registration and login form, while offering an advanced mode in handling and managing your member. Give it try for free to see how it work and help!

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