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If you want to build user-generated content for your business, community, or any other needs, you must use front-end submission plugin. These plugins will make your user can post easily to your websites.

User-generated content can attract 90% more customers, based on the TurnTo Networks study. This kind of content can make a big difference in buying decisions. The kind of decision you are looking for if you want to build your brand.

The question is, how to build nice and user-friendly user-generated content?

User-Generated Content in A Nutshell

Before we start to discuss plugins to be used for front-end submission plugin, let’s talk about what is user-generated content. One way or another, you must have been visited this kind of content. It just maybe you don’t realize it first.

User-generated content is content on a platform – website, social media, blog, etc –  made by users, followers, or customers. So, the users of the platform are the ones who are become the content maker.

Other unique facts are, the users aren’t paid by the owner of the platform. They make the content freely, based on their experience. So you can get honest content from a first-person POV.

Benefits You Can Find In User-Generated Content

There are benefits you can find when you are using this type of site. But the most beneficial outcome you can’t find in any other platform is honesty. Since all the content source is coming from a real user.

Front-end Submission Plugin

Nowadays, common to see that customers can’t be persuaded easily anymore using advertising or marketing campaigns. They have seen so many advertising formats they can find, so if you are still doing hard sales, maybe you should consider another way to reach them.

To manage these phenomena, user-generated content is an effective way to get attention and more engagement for your user or customers.

Other benefits you can find are:

  • You can have a constant flow of genuine content
  • Your business or brand can build more loyal customer
  • All of your campaigns are judged directly by your users
  • You don’t have to put much effort into content making
  • Looking for an income stream from websites? User-generated content is your best buddy!

What Are The Examples?

User-generated content can be found in many places out there on the internet. Here are some examples from some of the user-generated content websites:


Buzzfeed is one of the biggest online publishers on the internet up until today. The main success factor is they give access to their community members to make content.

Users only need to log in using social media and create a new Buzzfeed account. The next step is easy. They can upload anything they want. From articles, uploading photos, or making their list about any topics.

Bored Panda

Bored Panda has similarities just like Buzzfeed. They let the users publish original content. It also gives authorship to the content maker. In addition, they use a point system that allows the public to upvote or downvote any published content.

With this kind of environment, the engagement and retention rate of Bored Panda is high. They also succeed to build a loyal and enthusiastic community.

How To Build User-Generated Content Website Using WordPress

If you want to expand your brand name on Google, WordPress is still the best CMS to build a professional brand or personal branding.

You can find user-generated content on WordPress such as:

  • Article Post from User. User may submit their fresh post directly to your blog. They can make posts on the website’s front end. A directly submitted post from users is helpful for SEO. If it is done correctly, It will help your website to get a higher rank in search engine results.
  • Comment Section. All WordPress site theme has been equipped with a default comment page. This is the easiest way to attract readers or new customers. But the challenge is, sometimes they just make a visit and never leave comments.

Is there any easier way to engage visitors to make content? The answer is yes! You can use Front-End Submission Plugins for your WordPress sites.

What Is The Best Front-End Submission Plugins You Must Use?

When you want to change your WordPress sites more user-friendly to attract more user-generated content, you must pick the best front-end submission plugins.

Introducing Youzify WordPress Frontend Post Submission plugins.

With this WordPress Front-End Submission plugin, you can create an advanced user-friendly environment for your users. So they can create and edit their post directly from your website’s front-end. They can do all of this without the need to visit the admin area.

With Youzify, your user can create unlimited posts whenever and whatever they want to. This plugin also gives an anonymous feature for everyone who needs the option.

Another benefit you can get if you use the Youzify WordPress Frontend Post Submission plugin:

  • Capable to work in different platforms (WordPress, BuddyPress, etc)
  • Youzify gives unlimited publishing forms for your users
  • Easy to access edit/delete button
  • You can customize the BuddyPress tab (Post, Draft and “Create New Post”)
  • Users can make anonymous content
  • You can allow or disallow users to publish, save, edit or delete posts.
  • Real-time features without refresh required
  • Optimized for the best user experience

Youzify also gives a wide range of prices. You can select for a single site only, 2 up to 5 sites, or you can choose to use Youzify for unlimited utilization!

All with reasonable price you can find in the market. Remember, all purchase options are billed yearly. You just need to decide once, and voila! No more worries for the entire year.


User-generated content is your best choice for branding. By using user-generated content for your sites, you will have a regular constant flow of content. It provides your users a form to give an honest review, experiences, and stories.

Give them a more great user experience by using Youzify! With Youzify, your users can generate content right at the front-end of your WordPress sites.