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BuddyPress Block Members

Have you ever wanted to mute, unfollow, or even block people while surfing on the internet? We have seen so many things happen on the internet. But the ones that make us quite overwhelmed are the people themselves.

Especially when those people seem to become toxic. You can easily spot which one brings negativity from their comments, interactions, or posts.

The most jaw-dropping fact is, sometimes they are the people you know all along. Unfortunately, it looks like they have a different personality in their online presence. If those toxic people are always around, you need to get out fast.

That is why blocking people from your online lives will become handy. It doesn’t mean you are being mean. You only need to keep your sanity.

The Reason Why Block Members Feature is Good For You

To block people from your social media or websites is an easy task. What you need to do is only one click. And sayonara for those toxic people.

What about if you consider it a fact that we don’t block people as much as needed to be? Yes, you can still unfollow them. But blocking people and unfollowing can have brings different dimensions to your life.

You can still have indirect interactions with the people you have unfollowed. For instance, from other people’s reaction with them or someone sharing a post from the person you’ve unfollowed.

To block people is an act of definition. You are making a clear border for yourself, and by doing this you are practicing self-care. Because your time, resources, and energy is more valuable than you must deal with negative people.

Blocking people doesn’t make you a bad person. This is what you need to keep in mind.

Block People Features Examples

Each platform has a different style of block people features. From straight-forward notifications of blocking up to subtle notifications. There are some examples of how blocking features work.

  • Twitter, as a text-based platform, is the most explicit one. When you are getting blocked, you will get a notification saying, “@username has blocked you”. This kind of notification is going vice versa. If you are a strict-to-the-point person, Twitter blocking style might be perfect for you.
  • It is one of the largest social media in the world. By its number of users, a block people feature is a must-have. Slightly different than Twitter, Facebook gives subtle notifications when you block someone. It will look like when you choose to unfriend an account. The difference is you can still make some interactions.
  • They are using ambiguous notifications. So you won’t find a direct confirmation. Those people you have been blocked won’t notice. Unless they are texting you. When they do that, it will seem that you are still connected. But the chat they’ve sent will get only “delivered” tick notifications. They have a policy of “made intentionally ambiguous to protect your privacy when you block someone.”
  • The unique thing about blocking in Instagram is the person you are blocked will disappear. If you choose to avoid someone totally, Instagram is the best platform to do such action. When they are blocked, you will never see their profile anymore. Including all the stories, feed, and any post. Even if you can still mention them, they will not get notified.

BuddyPress Block Members

Get Block Members Plugin for Your BuddyPress Websites

Yes, you already knew all the blocking features from social media. What if we tell you that you can do a similar action on your BuddyPress website?

Why do you need this kind of feature on your site? Because when your community keeps growing, the members will also expand. It is easy to manage small numbers of people. What about hundreds or thousands?

Imagine you are an admin of those sites. It will be too overwhelming to deal with enormous numbers of members who violate your community guidelines. Let your members decide. Which one is good and which one is bad for themselves or the community.

By giving your members a space to manage their community, you will have a good and healthy community for everyone. Their sense of belonging can grow naturally. They can filter and block people who violate their agreement, make bad or hate speech, abusive or any negative attitude.

The baseline is when you provide block people features on your sites, your users will feel more safe and comfortable. Your community sites will become a place where people are eager to leave and keep coming back to it.

Use BuddyPress Block Members by Youzify

BuddyPress Block Members

Give your members a facility to block people from their circles. Introducing; BuddyPress Block Members by Youzify. Your members can block annoying users and decide who can interact with them. Save your time and let your members handle disputes themselves.

A system that saves time and lets your members handle disputes themselves. They can block annoying users and decide who can interact with them.

BuddyPress Block Members by Youzify Allows you to apply many types of restrictions to blocked members. You have full control over your blocking system. It provides a management table to elect an admin to manage all blocking actions among members on your website.

Not only that, there are so many prominent features you can get from this plugin:

  • Set which roles are allowed to block other users.
  • Set who cannot be blocked.
  • Notify the administrator of the new blocking action.
  • New “Blocked Members” profile settings page: Users can manage blocked users and unblock them.
  • Enable/disable enforce member write blocking reason.
  • Set custom redirect pages for blocked profiles.
  • Fully Ajax.
  • Youzify compatibility.
  • BuddyPress legacy themes compatibility.
  • BuddyPress Nouveau theme compatibility.
  • BuddyBoss theme compatibility.
  • Compatible with the BuddyBoss plugin.
  • And many more

You can get all of these exciting Youzify features for less than $30 for a single site.

If you want to apply the BuddyPress Block Members plugin for 2-5 sites, you can get it for less than $50. Or do you have so many websites?

BuddyPress Block Members

Stop worrying because you can get all of these features for unlimited sites for less than $100 per year!


Blocking people on social networks is beautiful.

Blocking on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is an act of kindness and compassion. You can enhance your freedom of speech. It can improve your life and make the world a better place.

Stop feeling hesitation or guilt, and for a long list of reasons when you blocked someone.

The same way applies to your BuddyPress websites. By giving your members a hand to block certain users, you provide a good and healthy environment. The impact is your community will become an enchanting place for people to share with other members and spread positivity!

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